Well, I love that dirty water…Oh, Boston, you’re my home!

Or rather it will be soon (again).

Hello there. Doc Bushwell, effectively erstwhile bonobo-matriarch here with a bit of good news. Last Wednesday evening, I signed the written offer for a new job: that of regulatory medical writer at a major biotechnology company in Cambridge, MA with a tentative starting date of July 26. On Thursday, I quietly scuttled off at lunchtime to go pee in a cup for the pre-employment drug screen. On Friday, I gave 2 weeks notice to my current employer.

When I moved to New Jersey in 2004, I told myself that my long-term plans included moving back to the Boston area. So this is happening just a bit sooner. The family is gung-ho about returning even if the move will be a freakin’ nightmare. Well, most moves are like that.

I’ll miss certain things about Jersey: martinis at Mediterra in Princeton with my friends, ripe tomatoes, sweet corn and peaches (oh, those Jersey peaches!), the ability to visit NYC easily, and walks through the woods that border my home. My current employer, a small CRO that focuses on oncology clinical trials, provided excellent training for me, and I have considered these past two years with the company to be much like a post-doc. Nonetheless, whenever I left Boston after visits over these past six years, I always felt melancholy as if I were leaving my hometown to return to a place where I really did not quite belong. But now? Well, it feels like I am going home again: I’m shipping up to Boston!

2 thoughts on “Well, I love that dirty water…Oh, Boston, you’re my home!”

  1. Congratulations on the new job. Only 2 weeks notice, that is great – I’m in the middle (nearly!) of my notice period of 3 months – it is a huge drag, and I’m just wishing my life away. The difference between the US and European employment practices never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Thanks, hopper.

    Three months notice!? God, that’s wretched. There are certain aspects of the “at will” employment structure of many US companies that are unpleasant, but the ability to cut things off as an employee can be beneficial. The 2 week notice in my case is a courtesy. I could have just handed over my card key, signed a few forms, and just walked out in one day. I have also seen a couple of employees terminated with cause at this same company (a bit scary).

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