Cobblestones, knuckleheads, and the TdF

If they are going to introduce something this frigging dumb into the Tour, why not go all-out and put a ramp across the width of the roadway during one of the nasty descents in the Pyrenees? Imagine the peleton soaring en masse at 60 mph off the lip of this bastardized Evel-Knievel-style obstacle, bound for a spectacular array of fates varying only in their levels of morbidity and mortality.

That’s it.

2 thoughts on “Cobblestones, knuckleheads, and the TdF”

  1. I don’t think I agree with you; if you are going to have a stage in the Belgium/Northern France area, then riding on the pave is a part of that. The cobbles may not be a regular feature of the Tour, but they are part of the character of cycling in the region, and a nod towards its place in cycling history.

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