Archbishop of Denver spouts obligatory stupid shit

After a cursory review of a recent speech by the Archbishop of Denver comprising a series of gripes about what he perceives as burgeoning intolerance of Christianity in the Western world, I have decided that Charles J. Chaput–though perhaps a kind and well-meaning fellow–is as blinkered and unoriginal as the countless other spokespersons for this or that supernatural belief system. He writes:

[M]any [Catholics] are indifferent to the process in our countries that social scientists like to call “secularization” – but which, in practice, involves repudiating the Christian roots and soul of our civilization.

Sorry, dude, but not all of us claim “Christian roots and soul” and we’re just as much a part of civilization as you and your ilk, even though we obstinately refuse to cling to dogma that was moronic and outdated centuries ago.

In general, Catholics have thrived in the United States. The reason is simple. America has always had a broadly Christian and religion-friendly moral foundation, and our public institutions were established as non-sectarian, not antireligious.

Has this guy ever left the Rockies? Head to the Bible Belt and ask a randomly selected congregation of Southern Baptists whether they believe that Catholics are genuine Christians, reminding them of the glaring differences in how each subsect views any number of social and moral issues. There has been plenty of mistreatment of Catholics in the U.S., and not by the non-religious. Hoe many Catholic presidents have there been?

America’s founders were a diverse group of practicing Christians and Enlightenment deists. But nearly all were friendly to religious faith. They believed a free people cannot remain free without religious faith and the virtues that it fosters. They sought to keep Church and state separate and autonomous. But their motives were very different from the revolutionary agenda in Europe. The American founders did not confuse the state with civil society. They had no desire for a radically secularized public life. They had no intent to lock religion away from public affairs. On the contrary, they wanted to guarantee citizens the freedom to live their faith publicly and vigorously, and to bring their religious convictions to bear on the building of a just society.

This is one giant straw man. No one is trying to do away with religion, but some think that being denied the right to run roughshod over nonbelievers or people from other faiths amounts to mistreatment. Fuck ’em for lying and fuck ’em again for whining.

America’s founders were extremely leery of religious intrusion into secular affairs and vice-versa. Waterheads like this bishop are proof positive that without the former standard in place, the Church would never give up its efforts to impose a moral stranglehold on everyone and would, despite what the Bible actually says, have no compunction about using the power of the State to enforce this wherever and to whatever extent possible.

The Enlightenment-derived worldview that gave rise to the great murder ideologies of the last century remains very much alive.

In other words, the godless are uniquely responsible for mass human slaughter. I guess the Inquisition and the various Crusades don’t count for anything in this area, because they…well, they’re inconvenient, for one thing. I guess that’s enough.

These quotes are pulled from just the first two or so pages (of twelve) of the transcript of Chaput’s speech because I have neither the time nor the stomach to pass along my thoughts on the rest, but there are some even more glowing canards and mistruths as the text builds toward a typically noisy and crippled crescendo that can resonate only among those already too desperate or brainwashed to entertain reality.