Retired world-class miler suspended for two years

Chris Lukezic, a former NCAA standout at Georgetown and the 2006 U.S. Indoor 1,500-meter champion, has been suspended for two years for refusing to take a drug test in April. Lukezic had announced his retirement from track and field over five months earlier, but apparently didn’t file whatever official “I quit!” paperwork the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency requires. He discusses the issue on his Web site.

My guess is that USADA officials, despite the very real possibility that the anatomical egress from its lower GI tract and depressions in the earth’s soil remain indistinguishable to many of its employees, were aware of Lukezic’s retirement and were eager to fulfill some kind of testing quota in the most painless way possible. The guy takes the UA and passes, great. He fails or refuses, no one’s livelihood is unduly threatened or compromised because he’s not competing anymore anyway.

This irks me because no one ever asked me to officially retire from running. Hey, I was many levels below Chris, but I was technically a professional runner who placed second in a USATF national championship only 16 months or so before Chris got his title. When I just kind of stopped racing, no one asked for my signature or my piss. I’m gonna sue somebody!

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