Colorado Repubicans sue to have Tancredo removed from gubernatorial ballot

If you follow politics at all, you’ve probably heard of Tom Tancredo. He’s the former Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 6th District (comprising the redneck suburbs south of Denver) whose 2008 presidential bid was, thanks to too many examples of rank ignorance to count, short-lived and a spectacular failure.

If this evolution-denying, male counterpart to Sarah Palin (he referred to Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor as “Sonia Mayor” while speaking against her when she was yet to be confirmed, yet has smugly called Democrats unintelligent while addressing fellow wingnuts) had one thing right, it’s that his bumblefuck stagger in the general direction of Pennsylvania Avenue that ultimately ended someplace west of Kansas earned him a modicum of notoriety. (Xenophobes are especially fond of him owing to his stance against legal as well as illegal immigration.) He did not run for re-election to Congress in 2008 and is instead now running for governor as a member of the American Constitution (a.k.a. Illiterate Teabagger) Party, which, in case you have not heard of this gang of Mensa candidates, boasts this goal: “restore our government to its Constitutional limits and our law to its Biblical foundations.”

Now, some well-entrenched Republicans are filing a lawsuit aimed at getting Tancredo off the gubernatorial ballot. Tancredo’s candidacy spells almost certain doom to Republican candidate Dan Maes’ bid for the office, because although Tancredo cannot win, the redneck faction in Colorado is sizable and enthusiastic and will lend Tancredo enough support to crater Maes’s chances.

On the surface the paintiffs appear to have a solid case, but I’m betting that this shit will still be mired in the usual morass of legal paperwork by the time the election rolls around and that Tancredo will realize his dream of sticking it to his former party members by handing the vote to Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper, whose name is as unlikely as Rod Blagojevich’s hair.

Hickenlooper, the current Denver mayor, has been pigeonholed by his opponents as a left-wing nutcase–this despite his opposition to the partial legalization of marijuana in 2006 (the measure ultimately passed)–and the paranoia-fomenting Maes has been found to have evidently lied about his past. Tancredo is also squawking about Maes’ choice of running mate, Tambor Williams, calling the former congresswoman “the most pro-choice member of the legislature” when Williams is on record as saying “I will probably say I am pro-life, with the exceptions that we have come to respect…the life of the mother, rape, incest.” How original on all counts. I am not registered to vote in Colorado and am not rushing to change this.