Internet suffers huge loss: Gribbit disables comments again

It is with deep sadness and regret that I pass along the news that thanks to my infrequent but persistent reluctance to let Gribbit get away with bursts of flagrant dishonesty–this being the most recent example of my interference–the anonymous and angry hypocrite is no longer allowing anyone to publicly comment to his posts. This supersedes his previous policy of not permitting anyone to offer public feedback to entries on his “blog,” which in turn differs drastically from barring public input to material appearing on his Web site.

It saddens me to announce that due to the repeated attempts by a DRONE to backdoor comment on this site, the ability for anyone to register has now been closed.

And while I’m on the subject of worthless pieces of trash, it is a sad state of the nation when some individuals haven’t the ability to form their own opinion. An underground network of moronic libtarded assholes plagues the Conservative blogosphere by trolling Conservative sites and dropping their moonbat droppings in the comments sections. The DRONE in question is one of these assholes. They seek to inject links to their moronic rantings that are in substance nothing more than personal attacks on the Conservative bloggers whose pages they hijack. I thought employing Discus would solve my Drone problem but alas, it appears that nothing can be done short of their assuming room temperature.

Translated into English, this means that I’ve been leaving Gribbit comments every time I write about his lies here on the Refuge and giving him the links to these posts. I obviously never expected Gribbit to approve these comments; knowing that he’d be forced to confront his own factual errors and confabulations and stew over their exposure was enough for me. Every time he fails to amend his posts when he can no longer plausibly pretend to be unaware of his whoppers and mistakes, he is tacitly admitting to his own worthlessness as a commentator. Every time he labels a reasoned dismantling of his bullshit an attack by a moonbat or drone, and moreover refuses to engage his would-be interlocutors and explain exactly how and where we’re going astray, he embraces the mantle of “coward.”

Fortunately he’s been kind enough to add a new contact form to his site, so that I can let him know even more easily than before when I’ve taken apart another of his bleatings. Here, never failing to bring smiles to the faces of anyone reading his stuff, he makes the following claim: “Contact Form emails are being routed through a third party for vetting prior to Gribbit receiving any communications. Any emails received concerning particular posts or that engage in personal attacks will be discarded immediately. In other words, Gribbit won’t even see them so save yourself some time and don’t bother sending those kinds of communications.” Since I reckon that merely leaving him a link to the Refuge constitutes neither an attack nor a comment, I don’t think I’m at risk of being sent to the hoosegow as a result of action taken by Gribbit’s nonexistent filterer and security force.

So I’ve come to a second decision while writing this post and am also closing comments for good. This site is now strictly about my opinion and the opinions of my guest writers should they choose to post. This is not open for debate and I will not be revisiting the question of opening comments for the remainder of the life of this blog, which is until I grow bored of it or Obama empowers the Thought Police to shut me down.

This is yet another radical change, as Gribbit’s blog has heretofore represented not the insane and insular ravings of a right-wing adult infant, but the measured and objective output of a humble, civic-minded fellow aiming only to add to the dispersal of relevant information throughout the citizenry.

He continues:

One might ask, “why Gribbit? Isn’t speech supposed to be free?” The answer to that question is simple. I pay for this site. In other words, I pay for the right to speak therefore speech isn’t free here. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow some dope smoking imbecile to attack me on a forum that I pay money to have. Nor am I about to allow them to leave links to other sites where they expand upon those attacks. These morons are incapable of independent thought, therefore unworthy of acknowledgment either by name or by link.

As noted previously, I don’t dispute Gribbit’s decision to ban dissenters from commenting on his “blog” and I don’t need him to provide links to this site for the benefit of any of the three or four daily visitors he attracts. He’s perfectly within his legal rights to do his absolute best to pretend that his opinions are connected to reality and keep all evidence of his treachery and wrongheadedness from finding its way into the minds of his putative supporters, should any ever arise outside the confines of his imagination. And although I don’t actually smoke dope these days, I probably will now just so I can enjoy the repartee all the more and operate efficiently of the Gribster’s own cognitive level. But I do have to point out, regarding his emphasis on his paying for the privilege of having a Web site, that I do pay federal income taxes and that since Gribbit has been a recipient of SSDI for years, he’s not spending “his” money so much as that taken from people who work for a living. I might be a little more sympathetic about his apparent social anxiety and depression if he didn’t insist on channeling it the ways he does. His bashing of government for being too loose with handouts smacks unmistakably of pseudohomophobia.

Anyway, since Gribbit is wont to complain of commies, I think it’s only fitting to close with a comment by Josef Stalin: “Everyone has the right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege.”