Well, I was right about one thing

Not that this took any more foresight than seeing a sky full of rapidly approaching thunderheads and saying “looks like rain,” but the other day I mused that there was one certainty that would follow the results midterm elections that were all but guaranteed to overwhelmingly favor the preferences of Fudders: The Fudders would not be happy beyond token and primal snarls of victory, and woud instead rapidly find reasons to continue tearing into liberals. This, of course, is because their political motivations lie not in any earnest desire to see America as a whole become a better place in general, but in the fact that they are miserable people in daily need of scapegoats. The government is probably the most popular scapegoat in Western civilization, although people’s parents may run a close second.

Gribbit has fulfilled this prophecy nicely. In his first post in the wake of the elections (and if you really want to go to his excuse for a blog you’ll have to cut and paste that link, as Gribbit is so craven he doesn’t even want people from this domain to read his words even though no one can comment on them), he did not expand on how reformed economic policies would benefit the United States citizenry or explain the ways in which conservative methods and ideas would fix what’s presumably awry in Washington. Instead, he took aim at one of his favorite “libtard” targets, the re-elected U.S. Senator Harry Reid:

Tuesday was not a happy day for Senate or Congressional Democrats. Even though Republicans fell a few seats short of a majority in the Senate, it may be a better political position to be in going into the 2012 Presidential elections. You would think given the “shellacking” Democrats got they would be somewhat humbled Wednesday. Not the case for Harry The Human Sleeping Pill. Reid had the audacity to dictate to Republicans to not block their (Dems’) efforts.

Sorry Harry! Your party may still control the Senate but your political clout is nearly non-existent at this point. You don’t get to dictate the terms of your imprisonment. For that is what is going to be for the Dems who forwarded the Emperor’s agenda over the past 20 months. Two years of hell after which, it’s going to get worse.
At this point the Obama/Pelosi/Reid neo-socialist agenda is in the shitter (definition: a non-issue). NOTHING the the Dems want will clear the House and unless they play ball in the Senate, what’s left of them will follow Russ Feingold into political obscurity in 2012.

As for ‘compromise’ … ? Compromise as defined by the Democrats is Republicans caving to the progressive agenda. No Barry and Harry — no more compromise. Your only shot at compromise is now officially over. For that matter, your Party/ideology has had nearly a century of advancing the neo-socialist progressive agenda by way of Republican ‘compromise’. Not to mention you’ve had over 20 months to compromise but you chose to shut the Republicans completely out of the discussion. You chose to throw the progressive agenda into hyper-drive and it has all blown up in your faces. Now it is your turn to compromise.

Most of the Senate Democrats seem to understand that they are only there because they weren’t up for re-election this cycle. But 21 of them have to face the voters in 2012 and they are scared out of their minds. They saw what happened Tuesday and they understand that if people like Feingold can get handed his ass, so can they.

Complete and utter defeat of the progressive agenda is the order of the day. If the remaining Democrats wish to remain where they are, they must be the ones who play ball or sink under the stupidity of their ideology. After 4-years of Democrat B.S. the American People have spoken and the message we have sent is NO MORE! Apparently Harry Reid and Barry Obama are as deaf as they are daft.

So there it is–the usual hypocrisy (Republicans have never demanded that Democrats compromise? This is new politics?), vague and empty complaints (“progressive agenda” is used no less than three times) and so on. I’m morbidly curious as to whom the Gribbits of the world would blame for their personal failures if Democrats magically disappeared altogether and the GOP could run the U.S. like a fiefdom, but beyond that there are no mysteries here.

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  1. It’s just one more worthless posting from yet another “box of rocks”. Even a cursory look at the facts shows that Obama, if anything, overreached on compromise. It was the Republicans who stiffly declared two years ago that there would be no compromise, and they were true to their word. Shall we go through the record and find all of the instances where, in spite of actively seeking Republican input and altering bills to reflect that input, their wasn’t a single supporting vote from the Republicans?

    But now that I think about it, saying that Grib is as smart as a box of rocks is unfair. To the rocks.

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