There’s no gay gene, etc.: Fudders in flagrante

So the Concord Monitor published my letter the other day, one in which I made two related but distinct points:

1. The fact that sexual preference is not believed to be 100 percent heritable or congenital doesn’t mean it’s a conscious choice, and no credible research suggests that it is;
2. Even were sexual preference a conscious choice, this would not serve as grounds to discriminate against gays. (One hopes this is self-evident, but if so one is deluded.)

Initially, resistance from the usual gang of fuckheads was surprisingly sparse, and I even allowed myself to believe that the idiots had finally recognized that everything I had written was unassailable. I had presented the unvarnished position of the very organization (the American Psychological Association) some of the Fudders in their stupefying illiteracy had previously claimed as an ally, demonstrating beyond a doubt that the scientific consensus is that sexual orientation is not mutable or selected as a matter of will. I noted that the absence of a single gene determining sexual preference, or any trait for that matter, is not an argument against the heritability of this quality. There was really nothing useful to argue in response.

But, in the end I was of course wrong, and the assholes descended in earnest and with their usual tricks–back-pedaling, ignoring posts highlighting stark example of their own lies and contradictions, and in general serving as noisy exhibits for why some people are ill-advised to reproduce. “truthsetyoufree” is perhaps the most egregious offender, bearing a remarkable similarity to the equally obtuse “millennia” in that both of these clowns have scripted false biosketches of themselves, too oblivious and sloppy to avoid releasing contradictory details about their pasts that trip them up (and boy, do they hate it when they’re caught with their pants down in this way). millennia is one of too many people to count who rails against the inappropriateness of same-sex marriage despite (and I use that word ironically) having been through an embittering divorce himself.

Newspaper comment sections are truly bizarre places, and say very little that’s positive about the human conditions. They are a strong draw for people whose personal lives are in a shambles and who lack the wherewithal to take any responsibility for this, or at least not blame the government or “progressives” for their problems. Sad to say, halfwits who openly demean the whole idea of education while making up “facts” as they go along were never going to amount to shit in the first place, at least not by the standards someone wrongly convinced them they had a real shot at attaining. I wouldn’t tell a four-hour marathoner who was 50 years old that he had, and richly deserved, a chance to run 2:45 someday, but if I did I would expect him to be just as resentful as the Fudders who, lacking any kind of cognitive resources and in a blind quest to blame someone for being born inept and raised mean, inevitably target the political left and minority groups.

And so it is on this bright and beautiful holiday morning in the mountains that I am profoundly grateful that I was not born destined to be a member of the Fudd Brigade, blinkered and crass and of no discernible value to their own or any conceivable human communities. And I say that not out of scorn for the Fudders themselves, but out of contempt for the demonic impulses and flaws that have befallen and crippled these otherwise beautiful hominids.

2 thoughts on “There’s no gay gene, etc.: Fudders in flagrante”

  1. This is exactly what I try to explain to people! Perhaps I should write more intellectually and use the term ‘fuckheads’ (I normally go with fuck ‘wits’), because you’ve put this point across better than I ever could have. I normally point out something like religion. To be a Christian, for example, is a concious choice. You could never descriminate against a religion. So why does it matter? Even if it WAS a concious choice.

    I have a very complicated opinion on what makes gay people gay, backed by both science and emotion, as well as personal accounts. I’ll blog about it one day. But for now, I’ll be content that amongst all the shit on the internet, there are people like you. This gives me hope.

    Take care.

  2. By coincidence, I just received the following endorsement to my retirement contract today:

    “Pursuant to Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), same-sex marriages currently are not recognized for purposes of federal law. Therefore, the favorable income-deferral options afforded by federal tax law to an opposite-sex spouse under Internal Revenue Code sections 72(s) and 401(a)(9) are currently NOT available to a same-sex spouse.” (emphasis in original)

    Although this does not affect me directly, it certainly does potentially affect other family members, friends, and coworkers. Am I supposed to be comforted by the fact that the Fuddites somehow “defended” my marriage via their paranoid prejudiced actions against homosexuals? Motherfuckers. Blind, ignorant, motherfuckers.

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