Caught in a bad project…

About a gazillion of my fellow scientist-pop culture aficionados have picked up on this fabulofuckingbrilliant parody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” by now, but what the hey. I’m posting it for posterity. Many who were/are professors’ slaves graduate students in chemistry, biology, etc. laboratories can relate… ’cause it’s painfully true. The details of the costumes are great — the orange biohazard bags especially.

Blot, blot, Western baby!

3 thoughts on “Caught in a bad project…”

  1. Over at, we continue our quixotic yet possibly admirable attempt to compile all of the world’s science songs in a single publicly accessible database. Please let us know if we’re missing any of your favorites!

  2. LOL What preciously painful memories the video evokes! Enough time has passed that I can think on those ‘Bad Projects’ almost with fondness now. *Almost*

    1. It’s funny — painfully funny — because it rings so true! Those youngsters who put this together were pretty clever.

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