Too Not Funny To Pass On

So today I received an email from an associate. It was entitled “Too Funny to Not Share”. It was a sort of photo essay called “Civilian Riot Helmets of Egypt”. It featured photos of Egyptian civilians from the recent demonstrations, and in particular, their homemade DIY head protection gear. Below each was an appropriately sarcastic humorous comment for the reader’s entertainment. Lots of pics of men with a cooking pot tied over their head, the inside stuffed with rags. Or maybe a plastic bucket or even a cardboard box stuffed with cloth, and tied around and under the chin with another piece of cloth. And add to that an old life vest to serve as some measure of upper body protection. One young man had a bunch of small, empty plastic soda bottles secured with a towel on his head, the pic featuring the caption “Your classic 1979 tri-bottle helmet – a must in any type of combat”. A real side-splitter for the basic Consumerus Americanus to be sure.

I don’t get it. Are people so dim that they think these protesters actually believe these items constitute effective cranial protection and actively prefer them over, say, surplus army gear or even an old bicycle helmet? Does it not occur to them that if a protester actually had an old bicycle helmet he’d use it and leave the cookware home? Does it not occur to them that this constitutes gear of last resort?

When did it become funny to mock people who are so poor that they have to use a rag-filled pot to protect their heads from rocks and other weapons when they take to the streets to fight for their political and economic rights?



Author: jim

Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.

2 thoughts on “Too Not Funny To Pass On”

  1. I think it became funny sometime between ten and five years ago, when the boorish and ignorant and bigoted started crawling out of their holes and began spouting off in public fora – and were not shamed back into the respectful silence they should maintain when in the presence of their superiors.

    “I have a right to say what I want to!”

    “Yes, and I have the right to call you an idiot for doing it. Now sit down and shut up. The adults are talking.”

    Come to think of it, that explains the ascendance of Gribbit and its ilk.

  2. Jim, those people ride camels thinking they’re high-tech and blow things up because of stupid religious beliefs. They’re not like Americans wisely spending $4 a gallon on gas to support a half-hour drive to and from Wal-Mart every other day as they text-message their way into other people’s lanes or the visionaries here avoiding that nastybad HPV vaccine because it’s just a plan to take God out of the “don’t fuck, youngsluts!” equation. Not everyone’s as enlightened as U.S. citizens. You should just count your blessings.

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