Larry Kudlow loses ground in race for 2011 Humanitarian of the Year

This is one of those “Wait. Did he really fucking say that?” television moments:

Imagine the uproar in the American news media–particularly that faction most strongly associated with guys like Kudlow–if, say, a massive earthquake killed thousands of people in Seattle and some Hong Kong talking head observed, “Well, sucks to be them, but not such a big deal in the grand scheme since Vancouver was spared and that’s where our biggest investments are.” And that’s actually a poor analogy because human tragedies of this scale shouldn’t bring to bear on international boundaries, but it always seems to be someone from the United States blaring the most inconceivably ill-chosen things to the rest of the world.

3 thoughts on “Larry Kudlow loses ground in race for 2011 Humanitarian of the Year”

  1. Kudlow is a tool’s tool. I can think of few people with a regular TV gig that I find more repellent.

    And seeing that he said it doesn’t shock me in the least.

  2. Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source but this is what it says about the study she cites:

    2004 Taiwan cobalt-contaminated steel

    In popular treatments of radiation hormesis, a study of the inhabitants of apartment buildings in Taiwan has received prominent attention. The building materials had been accidentally contaminated with Cobalt-60 but the study found cancer mortality rates 96.4% lower than in the population as a whole.[34] However, this study compared the relatively young irradiated population with the much older general population of Taiwan, which is a major flaw. A subsequent study by Hwang et al. (2006) found a significant exposure-dependent increase in cancer in the irradiated population, particularly leukemia in men and thyroid cancer in women, though this trend is only detected amongst those who were first exposed before the age of 30

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