Kunstler on Japan, the U.S. media, and American appetites

As usual, James Howard Kunstler’s Monday-morning essay this week is a gallantly fatalistic drumbeat concerning the incipient failure of the petroleum-driven global economy. And as always, in between describing the various facets of political chaos worldwide, he takes an apt potshot at the collective mentality of his own countrymates who are all standing by just as torpid and unconcerned as those in charge appear to be:

I tried to follow the story on American cable TV Sunday night but with the exception of stolid, dogged CNN, all the other news channels were playing one sordid and titanically stupid program after another: meth freaks, show-biz narcissists, and sex chatter without sex. What a nation of morons we are. Over six hundred cable TV stations and only one that even tries to tell you what is going on in the world. How many citizens of this republic were watching a dessert chef undergo staged humiliation for the failure of a cupcake batch while two nuclear reactors melted down across the Pacific? We deserve what just happened to Japan three times over. And we might just get the equivalent at least in social and political trouble as our money follies unwind and normal living here becomes untenable on the old terms.

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  1. I didn’t read the article aside from what was posted here but some people around here have been following what has been going on in Japan and are now paranoid. Most vitamin stores have sold out of potassium iodide. I am not sure if that would be consistent with his overall argument or not.

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