This will make you feel better about wasting your online breath

There’s a blogger who set a Guinness-recognized world record for the most lifetime blog posts:

Darren joined Engadget in July of 2006, and almost four years to the day (when these numbers were submitted to Guinness) he’d arrived at 17,212 individual posts (since surpassed, of course). That’s single posts on Engadget, Engadget HD, and Engadget Mobile, not duplicated work. We obviously couldn’t be more proud of Darren and the work he’s done (and continues to do) here, and we think this is an amazing feat for one writer. Of course, this is the guy who did 59 posts in a single day at CES 2008. Seriously. To put it in perspective, his current word count is at 3,389,148. That’s War and Peace about six times over.

Yes, that’s over 2,300 words a day, roughly six trade-paperback pages in normal typeface. He’s churned out a total of about 30 novels’ worth of work for Engadget, assuming a typical novel to be about 400 pages. This obviously doesn’t account for whatever e-mails he’s sent and comments he’s written on his own and other blogs. He is clearly the Wilt Chamberlain of Internet blather. I have no idea how coherent or interesting his stuff is; I can only assume he’s not just bashing keys at random and emitting sheer incoherence rather than substance, which would set his writing apart from 95% of bloggers.

I think I’ve topped 50 blog posts in a week at my absolute prolific misdirected-energy worst, and when I catch myself getting anywhere close to this, I wrench myself out of the rut by quitting cold turkey for a while. I imagine that Darren Murph gets paid. I always wished when I was running a lot that I could make a certain modest amount of money per mile completed regardless of pace–ten bucks, say. This would have netted me over $50,000 in one or two years and no less than about $35,000 for a dozen-year stretch from about 1994 to 2006ish.

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