Gribbit comes out of remission: “What the MSM won’t tell you” edition

I’m often reminded that picking on right-wingers, especially those like Gribbit whom even other idiots probably see as extremist, does little good. In return I like to point out that in this case it’s great fun because when you Google “Gribbit,” outside of the first few results there’s a lot more about him than by him, and letting the few people who will ever be curious about him and his history know just what an ignorant hypocrite he is seems only fair. After all, Gribbit thinks he’s doing the world a service with his factless, no-comments-allowed virtual shit-pit for trashing the very sorts of people that allow him to live as he does.

Gribbit, like all paranoid wingnuts, likes to point toward “shocking” stories that the MSM will never discuss or tell the truth about because doing so would expose its dishonest liberal agenda. His latest example is the finding that March 2011 was the coolest March worldwide in 17 years.

As it turns out, March 2011 was actually the coolest since 1999, not 1994. And last month was still the 39th-warmest March of the past 117. And of course, the ten warmest years on record (that is, since 1861) have all occurred since 1995. The following graphic is impossible to ignore — even if you’re a denialist who doesn’t think that the planet is warming in part owing to human industry, it’s impossible to pretend that it’s not warming, period.

Impossible to pretend, that is, unless you’re Gribbit, who writes:

As you can tell from the article, even AccuWeather is forced to carry the narrative ‘despite the recent cooling’ blah blah blah. Truth be told, as I have so often here, in 1974 the trend we are experiencing now (cooling for all the tards out there) sparked fears of an impending ice age. Just a few years ago, when Al Gore was making Docufictions and indoctrinating your kids, the earth had an unrecoverable fever caused by that EVIL primate — MAN. Now…Not so much.

If you are waiting to see this on your nightly news broadcast — don’t hold your breath.

So Gribbit thinks that data from one month represents a trend, while years of data pertaining to the same phenomenon and gleaned from the same sources represent a bullshit conspiracy. As far as the unintelligible “have so often here” part, I think he means that in 1974 there were legitimate concerns within the scientific community about an impending Ice Age, which there were not (but hell, Gribbit can at least be proud to have something in common with George Will now).

Then there’s Gribbit’s rant about the then-impending government shutdown, in which he claims:

Campers — it is time for a reality check. Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with health care. NOTHING. It doesn’t offer anything resembling heath services. Its sole purpose for existence is to kill children or to prevent their conception. That’s it. Their services exist as a method to eradicate human lives created by poor decision making. They are a cog in the machine which advances the notion that you can live a promiscuous life that is is consequence free under a false idea of “freedom of choice”.

Everything we do in life has positive and negative consequences. Having sex when you are not prepared to become a parent may be seen as a negative consequence by some. Live with it or escape it by giving the child away. But DO NOT use the tax money paid by people who believe that abortion is an abomination of man to fund an agency whose sole mission in the world is to violently end the life of those growing in the womb.

So who will be to blame if the government shuts down? Democrats and their pet agency — Planned Parenthood.

I highlighted the passage in blue because it’s one of Gribbit’s especially flamboyant examples of ignorance or lying or both. In fact, abortions account for about three percent of the services Planned Parenthood offers as a function of the number of procedures. But with Republicans eager to cater to morons like Gribbit by lying their own asses off, who can blame the intellectually challenged for embracing such myths?

The thing is, I should feel sorry for Gribbit. He’s got a daughter with spina bifida, which he and the mother were aware would be the case early in the pregnancy and chose to have the baby anyway. That’s fine, but now that child, along with Gribbit himself, are living on the government dole. I might extend some compassion toward someone diagnosed with social anxiety and getting SSDI payments if he didn’t use the money to sit at home bitching on the Internet about tax dollars being wasted on frivolous choices by others. And I might not balk at the use of the term “tards” were it not so freely used by the parent of a girl with a disease often featuring mental retardation is a hallmark.

So screw this guy. I’ll leave him and those like him alone when the evil government decides to require a basic civics and intelligence test for people to be allowed to vote.

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