Rocky’s road

I’m still not sure what’s going to happen to Rocky. Earlier today I was fairly certain he might be gone by nightfall in the form of an Animal Control paddy-wagon, but they didn’t come for him today and upon reconsideration we’ll take him someplace ourselves even if AC does show up on Tuesday. It is possible that he will wind up in the care of the Central Florida SPCA, assuming we can skate on a couple of their requirements. I also posted this, and while there are no takers as of 9:30 EDT, I did get some good advice about what shelters to bring him and what ones to avoid.

There is some chance that I will be able to keep Rocky myself, but it may take a few days to clarify this. He now knows how to sit, at least for treats, which is pretty cool since he came into my life full of love and knowing no commands at all. He does seem to be housebroken. He loves to be around people — his whining when he has to be behind a closed door without me because of the cats is heartbreaking — and enjoys jogging and eating grass. He’s handsome, sweet, not neutered, has great teeth, eats with surprising delicacy, and by Christ if this isn’t starting to read like the profile of a demented person.

So, nothing new to report, really, so in lieu of information here are some more photos.