Do you like what we’ve done with the place?

Actually, “we” is inaccurate, since I changed the theme of the blog by dictatorial fiat and only later asked for token approval. But I think it looks better. I’m also planning to add to the blogroll, which hasn’t been updated in a scrote’s age and featured a few no-longer-updated sites before the weekend transition to a variable-width layout with my beloved size-2 Arial font. In order to do that, I’d like to have a sense of who visits this place and wants so see their own blog or favorite blogs linked. Basically any running-related blog that’s not merely a tricked-out training log, any blog that disparages stupid people and things in as deliberate and humorous a manner as possible, cool science sites, and stuff that is just plain funny is on the table.

7 thoughts on “Do you like what we’ve done with the place?”

  1. Yeah, the place looks really good. So neat & clean, unsuspecting n00bs will wander in and assume it’s, like, a class joint or sumpin’.

    favorite blogs

    Ophelia Benson’s Butterflies and Wheels isn’t a science blog, but it’s just so damned good and it rarely appears on U.S. blogrolls:

    David Gorski, Steve Novella, and a few others run the outstanding Science-Based Medicine:

    Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True is like Pharyngula with less traffic and a much higher signal-to-noise ratio in the comments:

    And for comix, two that consistently deliver the goods:

    Jesus and Mo:

  2. jomike — good calls. Most of those are already in my Google feed, and I use SBM regularly as a source for LIVESTRONG articles.

  3. Well, there’s always my blog, which is occasionally acerbic. The look is good, though – reasonably clean & whatnot. Not quite as green as the previous one, which as I recall was very very green indeed.

  4. In fact, Te Indigestible has been a welcome inclusion in our sidebar ever since we started this shithole. And I decided that going green was for pussies, hence the new format (I wish I could put an oil rig in the header). Actually, I like this theme because it’s not fixed-width and I prefer smaller, non-Times-style fonts.

  5. Well this is what I get for (1) not paying attention, and (2) assuming.

    Yes, this theme resizes nicely, and I too am not particularly enamored of generic serifs.

  6. Well, since you asked… I like to think that my Sing About Science blog (, or perhaps the whole site, qualifies as a cool science site. Since science songs occasionally show up here as well, this appears to be a topic of mutual interest. No pressure, though — especially since I can’t link back to you for various reasons including language and off-topicness….

  7. Greg — done. I’m glad you reminded me of the site because I had stumbled across it quite by accident (as in, not looking for running bloggers) and then forgot about it as I usually do with such things. No worries on linking back; if we expected that across the board we wouldn’t have more than two or three outgoing links, given our heroically ramshackle standards of decency, restraint, and general taste.

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