Rocky finds a home

With some help from Craigslist, widely and rightfully regarded as an Internet sewer but not devoid of utility (I’ve found jobs, laptops and other niceties there despite the profligate scamming and spamming on every sublist), Rocky the Boxer mix now has a home.

I got a message last night from a woman who is a recent transplant to the Orlando area from North Carolina and has been looking into adopting just this kind of dog for some time, largely for basic companionship and a sense of security (Boxers aren’t aggressive in general, but they are fiercely loyal and too rippling with muscle for most sane would-be assailants to consider messing with). I called her today and we were off for a 20-mile ride in the car — I could tell it was one of the few times Rocky has been in an automobile because he kept looking out the back window and seemed unduly enthralled in general.

Once we met Amanda, it was obvious that we were relinquishing Rocky into capable and caring hands, which was the best that we could ask for. Of course I’m sad to see him go and it really does seem as if I spent far more than three and a half days with him; on returning here, I was immediately aware of having quickly adopted certain habits, like keeping a few key doors closed and placing things like my phone and wallet out of low reach. I even miss the little guy’s smell. But given the limitations of my current situation, I can only be happy that I crossed paths with Rocky — who gets to keep his name, for what that’s worth — and was able to be part of shepherding a wonderful animal in need into a mutually beneficial situation. It would be selfish to go any further than that, and although a handful in ways, he has made the past batch of days very special.