The KKK wants its utopian vision of America back

Whoops, sorry. Not the Klan but the Tea Party, not that I doubt that this wild-eyed idiot from Jacksonville owns a white hood or two.

I remember being a kid and hearing the joke “I don’t hate blacks, I think everyone should own one!” Even the ten-year-olds slinging that one around understood that it was both ironic and in poor taste. Amazingly, there are people like Grady Warren who manage to reach adulthood fully believing that as long as you declare yourself to be a non-racist while you detail a long list of deficiencies you believe are the sole purview of certain ethnic groups, then you’re not racist.

These people are fascinating in that they continually force other teabaggers into scrambling to deploy the “No true Scotsman” fallacy. There are plenty of people who consider themselves Tea Partiers solely because they want to pay fewer taxes, just as there are fiscal conservatives who will always vote Republican even though they have no use for religion and climate-change denialism. Too bad — everyone wants to pay fewer taxes the last time I checked, and regardless of whatever the people behind the “real” teabagger movement supposedly wanted when they kicked the whole circus into action, it’s nothing but a teeming refuge of ugly hypocrites and the worst shitbags the United States has to offer. I’m sure all of these visionaries like Grady Warren are quite pleased that Ron Paul Font color=red>is popularly portrayed as someone who doesn’t much care fer nigras, Jews, and faggits hisself neither.

The “America” these rednecks yearn for has never existed except in the hollowed-out caverns of their own minds. The last time anything close to it did exist, it was a chunk of land that was technically no longer part of the same country. Really, it would just be so much more pleasant for everyone else if these worthless hominids would just gather in some forgotten place where they could make their own laws and currency, be as white and proud as possible, not pay taxes, and see how long their post-intellectual civilization could exist.

(NOTE: Addendum in red made at 10:48 p.m. EDT. Someone pointed out that the New Republic article I linked to was written by someone who has been widely denounced as a left-wing hack. Some comments Paul made recently about an experience with abortion he had as medical intern took some of the shine off of him in my eyes, but that doesn’t have anything to do with whether the racism label is well-earned or not at all earned. It’s the fact that Paul is perceived by a lot of racists as someone who sympathizes with their views that is most important, and if the label isn’t appropriate then chalk up another score for shitty journalism.)

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