Since I’m legally obligated to announce this

I’ll be staying in Rochester, New York for a while. You can see that the years have been unkind thanks to my troubles, although I’m a couple inches taller now.



Last Known Address:109 ORIOLE STREET, ROCHESTER, New York 14613 Race:White Sex:Male Height:6’00  Weight:250 lbs.  Eyes:Blue Hair:Blonde Age/DOB:7-May-63

Offense or Statute
Offense/Statute: Sexual Abuse-1st DegreeDisposition Date: 26 October 1994

2 thoughts on “Since I’m legally obligated to announce this”

  1. Is it still vanity googling if this is the result? Or do you regularly check sex offender registries for your name just in case you forgot something.

  2. Since I Googled “I had sex with Kevin Beck” to find that, it’s the ultimate in vanity Googling regardless of the outcome.

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