Incivek? Sounds like an alien from “Dr. Who.”

I will never fathom how marketing comes up with brand names for Rx drugs. Anyway, the FDA officially approved telaprevir (see post below) on Monday, May 23.

From Zennie62’s blog on SFGates (San Francisco Chronicle), here’s an interview with Steve Goodwin, a chief engineer who was diagnosed with hepatitis C, who was treated with telaprevir/Incivek. In the video, Goodwin tells “how he came to find out about Incivek via the use of the website Clinical Trials, at, and how it’s helped him to a more normal path of life.”

One thought on “Incivek? Sounds like an alien from “Dr. Who.””

  1. Perhaps naming new drugs after himself is part of one of your fellow blogger’s plans for world domination?

    Inserting the suggestion of his omnipresence into our collective subconscious via cunning anagrams seems like the sort of thing he would do!

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