NY haz teh Gay

By now you may have heard that the NY State Senate passed a marriage equality bill last night making NY the sixth, and so far largest, state in the US to allow same sex marriage.  That makes me pleased. I like knowing that that sort of progressive thought is alive and well in my home state. In fact, I read recently that 58% of the state’s population supports gay marriage. Of course, this didn’t stop my stodgy and backward thinking state senator, Joe Griffo, from voting against it. But I was a little surprised by the comments I saw on the local paper’s web site regarding the announcement. And by surprised, I mean I saw a lot of well considered and thoughtful remarks supporting it instead of the usual drivel there. Granted, there were the usual howls from the biblical crowd, but on balance it’s heartening:


It should be noted that NY won’t officially adopt this until Governor Cuomo signs the bill, but as he stated it to be a top priority, it would be extraordinary if he didn’t sign it.

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Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.

One thought on “NY haz teh Gay”

  1. I’m wondering exactly how the Bible-bangers are going to respond as same-sex marriage continues to spread throughout the country. Up to now they’ve bitterly maligned New England, where four of the six states have legalized SSM, and I suppose now they’ll extend that to include the elitist Northeast as a whole. But what’s going to happen when the only holdouts include the usual shithole suspects in the South? I’m sure they’ll find a way to portray the overwhelming majority as being in the wrong.

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