“Trust me — I have first-hand knowledge,” says serial liar

Whenever I develop an unhealthy desire to learn what Idiot America’s latest delusional belief system has bred, I check out Gribbit’s blog, since at all times he reliably has his clubbed and syndactylous fingers on the pulse of the feeble and fluttering heart of right-wing stupidity.

Gribbit’s posts invariably assume one of two forms. He either makes claims based on his skimming of either self-parodic “news” sources such as WorldNet Daily or mainstream articles he doesn’t understand (and often say the opposite of what he thinks they do) or he skips the sources part and flat-out makes shit up. His latest post is an example of the latter.

Gribbit’s deep-seated hatred of the President combined with his eternally and irreversibly blinkered state of mind have again let him to noisily declare something in the Wizard-of-Oz-like hope that saying something with angry emphasis will magically make his ideas come true. This, as the unfailingly entertaining Matt Taibbi noted in a Rolling Stone column last fall, is one of the hallmarks of the disjointed and hapless Tea Party “movement”: The more reality rises up to bite these shitheads in the ass, the more energetically they entrench themselves in their delusions.

Here’s what this bastion of cutting insight has to say about Democrats’ current view of Barack Obama:

The gays are pissed because he’s done little to nothing to advance their asinine agenda. The tree huggers are pissed because he’s not done a damned thing they wanted. The Unions are pissed because they don’t have the level of control over him they wanted.

He’s insulted the Hispanics by snubbing them twice. He’s quickly losing the black vote because their unemployment rate is nearly 7 points higher than the national average. Farmers can’t stand him — trust me, I live in a farm community. And the college kids have returned to their normal level of apathy — again trust me on this one, I have first hand knowledge.

We the People have sobered up.

Gribbit doesn’t provide any external support for his sweeping claims about what Democrats supposedly think; instead, he implores his readers (all three of them, including me) to just trust him. Why? Because he lives in Hick Central and knows a farmer or two, and e hmay or may not have exchanged words with at least one college student. Well, given that this is a man who rails about the evils of socialism despite having been on the government dole for years, I think I’ll not dip into my personal reservoir of trust in this case.

So what happens when Gribbit’s claims are held up to the light of objective evidence? About what you’d expect. While Obama’s support among Latinos and blacks has ebbed since the peak of his popularity, recent polls show that his 63 percent of the former and 85 percent of the latter approve of the job he’s doing. That doesn’t quite jibe with the notion of widespread disenchantment. As for how Democrats as a group think Obama is doing, this spreadsheet from Gallup shows the president’s latest approval among members of his party standing at 83 percent.

While none of these numbers prove anything — Obama could very well lose Dems’ support between now and November 2011 and be shithoused in his re-election bid — they do establish the fact that Gribbit is once again blowing huge amounts of acrid ignorance out of his fat ass. This is nothing new, and once again explains why this echo-chamber-of-one doesn’t let anyone comment on his blog and even tries to keep people from copying his words. Like his benighted and furiously confused nutbag brethren, he seems convinced that barricading himself in a mental outhouse far from reality can actually alter reality. Sucks to be him.