Rick Perry doesn’t believe in anthropogenic climate change…

…and in a similarly shocking vein, certain Jamaicans are suspected of cultivating marijuana.

One nice thing about leaving my otherwise treasured home state of New Hampshire is that I don’t have to see first-hand the parade of Republican hopefuls who — thanks to New Hampshire having the nation’s first presidential primary election — begin flooding the place in pre-election years when there’s a Democrat or two-term GOP-er in the White House. This year, more than in any other, virtually all of them hold fifth-degree idiotbelts, from the no-hopers to Obama’s potential adversaries. It’s a sad day when someone like Mitt Romney has to be given credit for admitting that human-caused climate change is at least worth a look.

Rick Perry, the Texas governor known as much for his coif as his stances, told a crowd in Bedford that he’s a global warming skeptic. This in itself is no surprise. Perry represents a state with colossal fossil-fuel interests and has previously hit all of the podunk low points, from advocating “Intelligent Design” to opposing same-sex marriage to condemning abortions. As someone pandering to a citizenry like Texas’s, he has no choice but to support such causes.

What always gets me with these climate-change denialists is the rationale they use to decry the work of the IPCC and other scientific bodes and scientists: It’s not that merely that they’re wrong, it’s that they’re running a scam so that they can get rich. That’s right — a guy representing oil interests first and foremost is accusing climate scientists of trying to get rich from global-warming research. That’s like Madonna complaining that some homeless street musician with an open guitar case for people to toss change into is trying to fleece the public. Idiot creationist gun-happy, execution-happy rednecks like Rick Perry should require an intellectual same-nation passport to get into states like New Hampshire. If people had to show proof of freedom from crimes against reality to get into the Granite State, human skidmarks like Bachmann, Palin, this asshole and most of the GOP would not be granted entry. State residents could then hang out on the side of the Everett Turnpike in Nashua or I-93 in Salem and lob shitballs and catcalls at these yahoos as they’re turned away from the Mass.-N.H. border at gunpoint.

This is worrisome as well:

“Researchers at the University of New Hampshire in April released a study showing that 88 percent of Granite Staters say they believe climate change is real, with 55 percent attributing the problem to human activity.”

That is, one in every eight people in New Hampshire doesn’t believe that climate change of any sort exists. Even random change. These folks have apparently never heard of any of the ice ages, or at best must figure that such things are relics of an earth gone by. Or maybe they have grown up in windowless homes and never gone outside. Pollsters need to quit plying their trade at Wal-Mart and NASCAR venues.

One thought on “Rick Perry doesn’t believe in anthropogenic climate change…”

  1. Here’s an apt quote I came across the other day:

    “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

    – Oscar Wilde

    And I think the current GOP/Tea Party situation creates a positive feedback loop that causes the insanity of one dumb remark to elicit another which elicits another, and so on, ping ponging to ever greater depths of inanity and delusion. But always remember that this is to be expected when a group of people place faith above reason and empirical data.

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