I would have laughed in your face…

…had you told me these things about the present day 20 years ago:

* a black guy who smokes cigarettes will win the presidency — twice — while running against a wealthy, handsome white guy the second time.
* gay people will be legally allowed to get married in numerous states, with the support of a growing majority of Americans.
* something called the Internet will reveal that a horrifying fraction of Americans are functionally illiterate racist misogynist swine. (Well, this one might not have shocked me.)

That is all.

One thought on “I would have laughed in your face…”

  1. I had a nice conversation with my freshman students about this yesterday. One of my points was that this election was probably the turning point for the hegemony of the older, white, conservative Christian male, and that it marks the ascendency of the attitudes of their (college-age) generation. I think this is best illustrated with the gay marriage issue. As I explained, this is pretty much a non-issue for their generation yet it is a huge issue for much of the oldest generation (and certainly correlated with religiosity). I then went on to compare it to interracial marriage 50 years ago. I think most of them were honestly shocked that interracial marriage was illegal in many states at that time. It’s not something our society talks about a lot.

    Demographics can explain a lot and shows why some things are more or less inevitable. As I said, what happens after you get old? You die, and the thing about dying is that you don’t get to vote anymore.

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