Bitter know-nothings are fulfilling their obligation…

…to try to make the entire GOP look like a bunch of howling, ignorant screwballs.

In the course of looking for a detailed county-by-county election-results map, I happened across a blog called “Give Us Liberty 1776,” which is apparently a reference to the year in which a present-day country the blog creators know little about declared its independence from the British Empire.

The first post that caught my eye was titled “Obama did not win a single state that requires photo IDs to vote.” I didn’t have to read a single word of the post itself to formulate a response, but I did, and the level of dishonesty and ignorance in this surreal waste of time and effort is extreme even by the standards of a Wingnut Daily contributor.

I left a comment that most likely will not be approved by the mods. Here it is:

This is a flat-out lie, one among countless untruths trumpeted on this poor excuse for a blog.

Ever hear of Florida, Pennsylvania or Michigan (among others)? Together these states have over 40 million people, so even someone “writing” for WND is likely to be aware of their existence.

Also, there is a difference between “voter ID” and “photo ID,” not that your conflating the two makes an already inane post any worse.

Mitt Romney lost. By a ton. Just as he deserved after running a lackluster, even ramshackle campaign. It’s time to accept this, stop wasting time with dishonest and banal Internet postings, and find someone more productive to do with yourself.

(My source:

I left out a response to the observation by the “writer” that “Obama won several closely contested states that do not require any voter identification, including Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nevada.” He’s wrong about Pennsylvania and stretching the truth about New Mexico, but that’s almost beside the point; Romney won his own share of non-photo-ID states, among them Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. (Keep in mind that if Texas really did secede from the U.S., we wouldn’t even have to hold national elections anymore.)

Of course, there is haziness on both sides of this what with mail-in voting now in widespread effect. But the take-home message remains: Right-wingers are dissembling, ignorant loudmouths who will and do go to any lengths to deny reality. Voter identification standards did not tip this election in Obama’s favor.