A look at the latest spate of “religious freedom” laws…

…by way of an analogy, which you are free to dismiss if you have shit for your brains:

Imagine a person walking through the door of an urgent-care clinic complaining of really bad abdominal pain or an intractable headache, and the doctor seeing a Bible under the person’s arm.

“Are you a Christian?” the doctor asks gently.

“Why yes, doctor, I am,” the afflicted person replies hopefully.

“Well, nothing personal,” the doctor replies, “but I simply can’t treat Christians here. I don’t agree with your deviant lifestyle, this ridiculous worshiping of bullshit ‘gods’ and teaching your children backward things. There’s a Jesus-freak nurse practitioner a mile up the road who’d be happy to see you…I’m really sorry, because I hate the idiocy, not the idiots.”

Does this sound appalling? To me it does. But there is precisely no functional difference at all between someone discriminating against GLBT people for religious reasons and a god-free person discriminating against a Christian, Muslim or Mormon for irreligious ones. And I would bet anything in this world that if the above scenario were a real one, Christians around the country would be screaming to high hell about it (and rightfully so) and doing everything they could to invoke the power of the secular government to act on their behalf.

We don’t let people sacrifice virgins anymore for religious reasons, so why do we let things nearly as stupid — if not as lethal — remain in play? It once again comes down to letting people believe their gloriously hollow-headed crap about shy-fairies while not allowing those ideas to gain any functional traction.

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