Right-wing Republicans are leading the women’s health charge

grok-logoDid you know that the political left is aiming to selectively abort as many potential black people as possible, preferably in squalid conditions, and that the chief reason for the recent unprecedented rise in abortion-clinic closings is because the Democrats who run such places refuse to conform to the ultra-high standards of women’s healthcare set by Republicans? I know that sounds weird, since liberals *also* want as many ethnic minorities casting illegal ballots as possible, and also because Republican politicians often say silly things about women and their ladyparts, but it’s true! I read it here.

Watch me get thrashed in the comments section by one of the resident geniuses. Hey, I’m a big boy, I can take a licking from my rhetorical betters and learn from it.

2 thoughts on “Right-wing Republicans are leading the women’s health charge”

  1. There’s a mass shooting every single day in this country because restricting access to guns would limit people’s rights, but we are expected to believe republicans are just looking out for our safety by limiting access to abortion? Cool.

  2. I’m just glad that Granite Grok exists because whenever I’m bored and hurting for a blog post to belittle, I know I can just pick whatever’s at the top of that shitheap and go to town on it. Reading their comments to me provides a comprehensive lesson in how to offer the most emotional, least logical responses to anyone challenging your ideas.

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