Older, single, goofy-looking men who bash women and gays online are loaded with self-esteem

Ed-Naile-GirardAtLargeEspecially when they belong to groups like “Pro-Gun New Hampshire,” as does Ed Naile of Hillsboro, N.H., whom I mentioned here last month. Ed has continued his sabbatical from male modeling to allow himself more time to pester me whenever I’ve made appearances in the comments at Granite Grok, a far-right verbal leach field on which about 37 proud semi-literate gasbags, Ed himself among them, have posting privileges. Ed also blogs about his and others’ many fruitless attempts to catch vote thieves at an obscure site called “NH Insider,” which I can only read as “NH Inbreeder” for obvious reasons.

In due time, I will get to the heart of this post, in which I document that Ed Naile is a coward who is currently using Granite Grok to harass a a woman — someone I happen to be very close to — and is being abetted in this behavior by the almost-as-brain-dead owner of the blog. First, however, I’ll make a pointless but fun side trip into basic statistical theory.

In the social sciences and most other types of formal research, the usual thing is to start with the null hypothesis, however implausible it may be. The null hypothesis in this case is that men who fit this description do not differ in any discernible way from “normal” men in terms of their self-image, particularly with respect to how they perceive their own masculinity. Hence the patently facetious post title.

The next step is to determine a numerical cut-off  for what would constitute a reason to reject the null hypothesis — that it, a means of ascertaining that there is in fact a real difference between ugly, lonely, homophobic sexists and “normal” adult males. Researchers usually set the cut-off for this at 0.05; that is, when you have a way to objectively assess the self-esteem of the two male populations under discussion, you can use z-tables or t-tables that take into account things like sample sizes and standard deviations to decide whether there is a less-than-five-percent probability (P < 0.05) that any observed differences are the result of random errors. The lower the P-value, the more likely it is that you have happened across a bona fide distinction between the two groups you have observed. (For the desperately nerdy: In this case we would probably use what is called a one-tailed test, since we can be virtually certain that the homophobic losers of genetic roulette feel worse about themselves than other guys. That is, we don’t merely know that their psychological profiles will be different; we can be confident in the direction in which they will be different.)

All of which should be a sufficiently roundabout way to chase off most of the blinkered people from Granite Grok who have stared reading this, so I will now explain how Ed Naile is in violation of the law and then state my case for Ed being what might charitably be called an omega-male, i.e., reject the null hypothesis in the title.

A brief review: Last month, in response to this awful mess, I posted my first comment on Granite Grok in ages. Ed, with whom I’d had no previous dealings, decided to intercede on behalf of the blogger I was badgering. Here, verbatim, is his opening salvo, which is nicely representative of both his intellect and his attention span:

Political bloggers should be held to a much higher standard than ivy league professors. Our writings are here for anyone to read.
Then you have the ivy league genius, professor Barak Hussein Obama.
Obama’s long history of higher education reveals no documents at all, none, nada, zilch.
He must have just passed through the ivy league as “present” and abstained from writing or keeping any written record of his vast achievments.
So smarten up Scott and start spell checking – you might be president someday.

Establishing a behavioral pattern that has continued to the present, he didn’t say one word about the blog topic itself, but instead tried to drive me off with the usual primitive bleating. When I made it clear that I don’t take the barely comprehensible hectoring of hapless blowhards to heart, he decided to up the stakes by making a series of four posts (1, 2, 3 and 4) about me in a twelve-day span, each more pathetic and mindless than the last. These posts by themselves constitute a fascinating exhibit of self-humiliation, not that Ed has the mental candlepower to even experience shame. Clearly, he thought of little else besides me during this almost-two-week-long span. I doubt that I am keeping him from his third reading of A Brief History of Time or finishing the chapter he’s contributing to the next great graduate-level political-science opus.

edtardThroughout this instructive process, it became evident that Ed is either homophobic or pseudo-homophobic (some of his contributions concerning me: “Have you come out to mom yet or are you going to do it on this blog?”; “Since he is an athiest, homosexual rights activist, and professional troll…”; “I thought coming out would settle it.”) and that he has a flair for — nay, a real fixation on — making extended “yo-momma”-style jokes. No, really — that’s the bulk of his shtick toward me. Also, defying all conventions associated with reality, he’s even more hostile and less educated than I first believed. The more fun I’ve had at his expense, the more extreme the lengths he’s gone to in an effort to knock me off my elitist liberal perch. He couldn’t dig up any genuine dirt, so instead he decided I would be offended and perhaps silenced if he called me a failed runner and a failed writer. Along the way he has posted various bits of erroneous information about me, such as the “fact” that I attended New England College. For a while, he was referring to me as Kevin E. Beck and was excited that his post was appearing high in Google search results for “Kevin E. Beck.” In perhaps the most damning display of his own cognitive impairment, he expressed great triumph after connecting the term “kemibe” to me, as if I had been trying to conceal my real name using a handle that is uniquely associated with me on the Internet.

In the end, there I still was, laughing my ass off at him. I promised to leave Granite Grok after the N.H. Primary, but reneged thanks solely to Ed’s truclulent, squint-eyed ways, and blamed him openly for this. I have continued to call out various Granite Grok bloggers for making patently false or moronic claims. They never respond to these, of course. Liars like these “conservative” clowns prefer echo-chambers to real discussions, which is why they can’t stand commenters like me even when I say things nicely.

Ed has also shown himself to be afraid to express any of his opinions in potentially unfriendly territory, such as here on this blog. He is aware of my other post about him, but has declined to defend himself in the comments. We’ll see if that changes now that I am explaining how he’s proven to be even more of a worthless shitstain.

In any event, Ed finally crossed the line separating inept, if determined, trolling from illegal behavior when he dug up and posted the address of a friend who has never commented on Granite Grok, falsely accusing me of (what else?) illegally voting from this address. When I pointed out to both him and the owner that he was unquestionably opening himself up to harassment charges, and that there are precedents on record, they balked and claimed that they weren’t skeert one itty bit. Both Lize and I implored the owner to remove the address — with her doing so less bombastically than I did, of course — but he continued to insist that Lize herself needed to supply him not only with the relevant statutes in both Colorado and New Hampshire (where both of these debonair fellows live) but the text of the statutes. I told him that the material in question concerned a Colorado citizen and a Colorado address, making New Hampshire’s statute moot, but reminded him that New Hampshire does in fact have a parallel R.S.A. He began repeating himself and ordered me not to threaten him. At that point, LIze and I each told him he was free to roll the dice and that he’d be hearing from an attorney soon, which he will.

The relevant law is Colorado Revised Statute 18-9-111, and here’s a description by a Colorado law firm of how it applies in this case. Posting someone’s address on a public Web site out of sheer malice, as has plainly happened here, constitutes garden-variety harassment, plain and simple. Here’s some similar information. We provided these scholarly motherfuckers with all of the same info, and they, in the usual wingnut tradition, only dug in their heels and started yelling, “You can’t make me!”

skipwizThis is Skip Murphy, the chief perpetrator of Granite Grok. (He used to have a partner, but Granite Grok co-founder Doug Lambert made an alarmingly ill-chosen boo-boo even by right-wing-dumbfuck standards and he’s now in remission from the Web.) Don’t be thrown by the fact that Skip looks an incredibly ridiculous dimwit, because that’s exactly what he is. In the e-mail exchanges that Lize and I have had with him, he has been very defensive and insistent in his refusal to strip the relevant material from Ed’s comments. Like many self-important Internet idiots whose impact in the real world is marginal to nonexistent, Skip would rather be despised than ignored. As I wrote above, he says that he’s convinced that there is nothing in the law to compel him to remove the address, claiming that he has fought off threats of legal action by other people before. Of course, it took him a couple of hours just to figure out, and then admit, that Lize is actually a real person and not a sock-puppet I created.

Throughout my exchange with Skip — who, by the way, says that he once considered becoming a doctor, but decided instead to become a computer-systems expert who can’t even keep his own blog profile free of broken links — he became more manifestly unreasonable and desperate, claiming first that my calling him a liar and a fool on his blog was somehow no different from Ed harassing my friend, and then attempting to say that Ed had done nothing wrong because Lize is a book author and a public figure. (I will happily share the whole exchange with anyone who wants to see it.) I told him that I gave not shit one about Ed’s ludicrously inane comments about me, but that posting the addresses of people not involved in the fracas was not acceptable. I tried to get him to understand that even if Lize were a public figure, posting her home address in a thread that she had no part of and did not concern her creative exploits would still be illegal. He denied this. But Skip is not just a moron who posts headlines like “So whom will stonewall whom?“; he also has the integrity of a televangelist on meth, and fails to respond when he is properly accused of propagating fictional ideas, as you can see here. Actually, you might enjoy his self-summary:

Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small “L” libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America’s Founders back into our culture again.

Make of that horseshit whatever you like. Skip certainly does. And one of the other noisy voices on Granite Grok, Steve McDonald (who is also notable for his unrepentant posting of fifth-degree bullshit), lists himself as “Writer/Contributer at Watchdog News.” Yeah. These are all people who would be hard-pressed to explain how a portable toilet works and why these occasionally need to be serviced.

But back to Ed Naile, for those who haven’t yet puked up or shat out their entire GI tracts yet. Although Mr. Naile has, to be sure, contributed nothing manifestly positive or meaningful to the world, he still merits very close scrutiny. This is because Ed, lacking productive outlets for whatever energy and skills he has, loves to to do research on his online interlocutors, and has a long history of posting personal information about people for no reason other than the fact that they may intend to vote — legally — for a Democrat (Ed, by the way, is a registered Democrat himself, strictly so he can show up at Democratic polling places and make a nuisance of himself.) He has mercilessly and uapologetically pursued a University of New Hampshire named Hannah Rivers and others. He is very rabid in his desire to heap personal scorn on people by exposing their supposed failures, shortcomings and lies. If his brainpower and Googling skills rose to even 10 percent of his energy level, he would actually be dangerous, at least if he were not chasing phantoms to begin with.

It’s been plain from the outset that his attempts to belittle and diminish other people represent a classic case of psychological projection, because Ed is a lunkhead, a business failure, and, unless I’m missing something, essentially alone in his life except for his own swirling, incoherent thoughts. But so far I’ve refrained from playing this game on Ed’s terms and describing just how much of a fuckup he is beyond what is already obvious. Now that he’s ramped up the level of mindless aggression in his comments, I will cease with this nominal exercise of discretion and respond in kind.

Ed is 63 years old and apparently the chairperson of some group called the Coalition of NH Taxpayers. This is interesting for the simple fact that there’s no clear reason he would pay any taxes himself, because he appears to be unemployed. He is, or was, an arborist who once owned and operated a business called Naile Tree Service, but that outfit went tits-up over 20 years ago, and he’s not listed anywhere with the Better Business Bureau.

I’m not the first person to make a note of Ed Naile’s startling stupidity. Six and a half years ago, “Like Sick Horses” made a pair of posts (1, 2) about his scurrilous practices and ugly history. It turns out that Ed was actually given a few minutes on Fox “News” back in 2009, and identified himself there as a small business owner. Ed apparently forgot that his business had been dissolved some 14 years earlier, identifying himself as the owner of “Naile Tree Service” for purposes of the interview. Had he not lied like a typical teabagger about himself and his lack of prosperity, he most likely wouldn’t have been selected to be interviewed even by that joke of a network, given that his only real identity is “Stoned-looking, creepy, do-nothing illiterate Googler.” (The reason he was interviewed, by the way, was so that he could agitate against healthcare reform — yet one more thing in the world that failed to turn out in Ed Naile’s favor.)

I could go on for a very long time about Ed Naile and already have, but if you need further convincing of just what a piece of trash he is, read more of his output on Granite Grok. Like this, for example, wherein he trots out the canard that the Democratic Party is the real racist party. Bruce Currie, who is one of the few other non-wingnut voices in the Grante Grok comments and whose efforts there have been both tireless and predictably unrewarding, does his best here to offer a cursory history lesson, but you can see how Ed and his fellow scumbags react. Here’s a gem from Ed:

Have you looked at abortion on demand polls lately Bruce?
45 years and the abortion argument is “settled”.by the courts?
This will be worse.
I deal with homosexual activists enough to know their habits.
You should know better.

Again, these are not people who would dare say any of this shit on progressive or neutral blogs, and most are unwilling to put their names to any of it. They are ignorant, angry, senseless and extremely yellow people. And if Skip Murphy’s judgment in the matter of Ed’s recent lowbrow machinations proves costly to that waste of bandwidth, all the better.

Oh, and on that “omega-male” hypothesis thing. Do I even need to comment further? Never in my life have I seen any one person so spectacularly hit every one of the high notes of that label as Ed has.


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  1. I almost (ALMOST) feel sorry for the guy. How empty does your life have to be to devote so much time and energy to fretting about what liberals and gay people might be up to?

  2. Well, I obviously don’t know everything that’s gone on in Ed’s life, but I like to think that even if everything I loved and cherished went to shit, I wouldn’t resent happy, thriving people on principle, as he does. I’m just not wired that way, and fortunately, neither are most other people.

  3. A line in the Laconia Sun story you linked brought me up short:

    “Referring to the influence [Lambert’s] blog and program had come to wield in conservative and Republican circles, he lamented “four years of hard work that’s going to go down the toilet.”

    Is that delusion or is there something to it? I skimmed that dog’s breakfast from time to time and never saw anything remotely insightful or novel. Even the vitriol was dull.

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