Yes, Trump’s free-speech rights were violated when his campaign cancelled his rally

…in the same way my right to vote in November will have been violated if I swerve into a brick wall on purpose on my way to the polls and never make it there.

Look, if you really think that Trump was shafted by the happenings in Chicago the other night, please stop reading and eat a footlong strychnine sub and put yourself out of America’s misery right now, and if you know anyone else who thinks like you do, don’t be shy about sharing.

For the rest of you: It’s surreal, isn’t it? Not just the unprecedented sight of rally after presidential-campaign rally being torn apart by increasingly serious eruptions of violence, but also the response to these events by the staggeringly blinkered assholes of the United States. Despite Donald Trump consciously, vociferously, repeatedly and gleefully fomenting this bullshit — which, I hope you’ll agree, is no longer funny even in the macabre way some of Trump’s previous public fuckery was funny — there are people who not only rush to absolve Trump of any and all blame for the very series of ugly confrontations he has invited, but have the unbridled skull-fucking, dick-twisting audacity to blame Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama or both. (Did I forget to add that these craven, ruddy-necked weasels are blaming the protesters as well? I guess I see no need to state the overly obvious.)

There’s an undeniable internal logic at work here. Call it X = cY, where X is the level of recklessly and purposefully antisocial behavior cast forth by Trump in this election cycle and Y is the mindlessness of the response to it by his quixotically faithful supporters. c is either a constant or an exponential mathematical operator of some sort. It doesn’t matter, the take-home message of course being that Trump’s worsening behavior hasn’t led his fans to stop and think. It’s merely galvanized them into out-crazying him.

I could cite a hundred or more places online where people are gathering to screech and yammer that Trump was the victim in Chicago on Friday. The narrative for the most part goes like this: Chicago is a liberal-run shithole that is filthy with felonious, freeloading, murderous blacks, so what did anyone expect besides the blacks showing up to deny Mr. Trump his precious opportunity? But that aside, those members of the crowd who were the worst actors were not Trump supporters; they were a disorganized but game cabal of Negroes off the street, Bernie Sanders supporters, and plants from the left dispatched from within the stinking bowels of the Windy City to provoke Trump supporters into doing things they otherwise never would have considered.

Lest you think I am exaggerating — and Lord have mercy but I know you don’t — I will swing again at the low-hanging and ever-more-rotten fruit that is Granite Grok. The founder and chief loonball, Skip Murphy (the same principled turd  who is allowing one of his buddies to harass my friend – more on this very soon), likes to link to the few bloggers who post things even more dishonest and misinformed than he does (that internal logic again). Here we go:

…the New Left (organized by is going after Trump – who breaks every conceivable Political Correctness out there.  And we are now seeing, outside of college campuses), what happens to those that violate their religious tenets.  There can be no dissent allowed from that Leftist orthodoxy (just look how many times the Left has tried to silence and diminish the ‘Grok simply because we hold different political and moral views.

In America, we used to value Free Speech – the Founders incorporated it into the First Amendment.  Yet, we see the Left willngly and actively working against the US Constitution and depriving not only Trump of his Free Speech but his followers of their right to Free Association.  Their aim was in line with their chant of “this is what Democracy looks like” – this is just the age old tactic of Socialism, Communism, and Fascism to deny speech to any that disagree with him.

Forget Poe’s law, forget the fact that the guy writes like a surly, passive-aggressive eighth-grader aiming to piss off his parents by getting a D- in English comp on purpose. Just look at the utter fucking confusion here. In the world of the untrammeled, horrifyingly sightless idiot, Trump is merely being “politically incorrect” with his demonically incendiary and hate-mongering blather, and liberals are overreacting to this out of petty and misguided sensitivity.

And, ineluctably, comes the filthy and furious canard that people like Skip become targets of harsh criticism merely for having different opinions from their critics. Funny how I was really hoping the Patriots would beat the Broncos in the AFC Championship in January, yet despite the fact that 90 percent of my neighbors hoped for the opposite outcome, I didn’t think they were morons and douchebags and ignoramuses merely for rooting for a different sports team. I hate country music like I do a toothache, but I don’t consider fans of the shit, ispp facto, to be uneducated or evil or in the wrong. That’s right, the nature of those different opinions matters! Srsly!!

No one needs to embrace “Leftist orthodoxy” to criticize people who post and propagate lies, like Skip, Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) and every other right-wing blogger does. All that’s needed for this is a vague concern that people dial into a meaningful version of reality.

Trump, trivially, hasn’t been deprived of any rights. His own campaign canceled the rally in Chicago. The police offered him protection, but he said no. That was probably for the best, but it was also very likely a calculated move. Trump is no genius, but he possesses a certain blunt-force canniness that has kept him in the game on his own terms so far. And he’s actually lucky he hasn’t been charged with inciting a riot, given what’s gone on at his gathering spots for Blindly Pissed-Off America, which have showcased the most aggressively feeble-minded U.S. citizens in memory (although Ted Cruz supporters aren’t giving up on that honor easily).

Anyone who thinks that Trump is not largely responsible for the violence and tumult at his rallies needs to see a neurologist. Take a look at his increasingly deranged rhetoric and then try to claim the chaos is the protesters’ fault, instead of connecting the dots — Trump’s campaign is unique in U.S. history for its unglamorous catering to thunderous half-wits and invitations to incite violence, and his rallies are similarly unique for their actual violence.

Skip finishes with his usual inverse flourish:

So Bernie (and the reporting was that many Bernie supporters were n that angry crowd), is this your version of “democracy” – the mob mentality?

Really? Whose reporting? That of the intrepid newspeople orbiting the interior of Skip’s skull? In the blithely clumsy tradition of lying bloggers everywhere, Skip resorts conspicuously to the passive tense so he can avoid naming a source for his bullshit, expecting no one to notice or care. And Granite Grok and places like it being what they are, this, despicably, is almost always the case.

In wonder, not altogether idly, what would happen if everyone who thought certain unforgivably untenable things really did decide to chow down on a lethally toxic hoagie, and did so at the same time. I think you’d be able to actually hear the country’s collective brainpower rise incrementally, like the whooooosh of one of those pneumatic tubes at a bank drive-thru. Instead, for now, that’s just the noise of facts and reason passing unmolested from ear to ear through their lumpy heads.