And I’m on the fence when it comes to religion

Every now and then, I come across a fifth-degree right-winger who incessantly let fly with contemptuous right-wing blather, yet for whatever reason likes to claim that he or she is in the political middle.

I’ve already given one example here recently; Ed Naile, a registered Democrat from New Hampshire, spends virtually all of his boundless free time complaining about phantom examples of vote fraud by Democrats and other leftist solecisms, such as literacy, educational attainment, resisting racism and sexism wherever possible, and not substituting firearms for the ability to achieve an erection.

Today I read a dolorous blog post titled “NH Democrats double down on state-sanctioned racism and discrimination” by someone named Kimberly Morin. Ms. Morin, with whom I have butted heads before, clearly has a thermonuclear battleaxe to grind against the Democratic Party or at least her broken concept of liberals and progressivism. Her self-summary is a scream:

Kimberly Morin is a political activist in the Granite State. She is a lifelong Independent who calls out both sides of the aisle when they screw up.

This is from someone with over 6,000 comments in the Disqus system alone, about 5,987 of which are incoherent attacks on the left. (The moniker “KAMGlosta,” by the way, refers in part to Ms. Morin’s roots being in a city in Massachusetts. It’s no coincidence that as far as I can tell, few of the proud, neoconservative “Granite Staters” are actually native New Hampshirites.)

Anyway, the post alleges some kind of horrific sexist, racist fuckery perpetrated by Democrats in the N.H. State Legislature, who voted against an amendment to SB 336, which has to do with the qualifications for obtaining a license to conceal-carry a pistol in the state. Now, you can decide for yourself if and how the N.H. Senate not voting in favor of the amended language  translates to the perpetuation of racism, sexism, and other things that Democrats are notorious for supporting, at least if it’s still 1953 or so. To me all the amendment would have done is specify that people who already aren’t allowed to own guns wouldn’t be allowed under the new law to own guns. Not a bad thing to put in concrete language, I guess, but how does not doing so in any way exemplify bigotry?

Based on what I’ve seen, true independent voters rarely go out of their way to emphasize this status, while the people whose every word indicates that they’re at the far-right edge of the political system, yet believe that they can and should disguise this, are as unhinged as they are ignorant. They’re like someone shooting at rabbits from a speeding car boasting a “RESPECT LIFE” bumper sticker. There is simply no connection between what Ms. Morin has written here and reality, and that is precisely why she keeps the company of the unintentionally self-satirical loons at Granite Grok.