Your ignorance is not contingent on my disagreeing with you

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for even low-wattage thinkers to see the problem with shit like this:

You have the freedom to agree with me.  Else you are a homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, transphobix, racist bigot.  How DARE you don’t want to belong to our monoculture!!!!

Since the writer is not in danger of being mistaken for Mark Twain or even Ted Nugent, I will spell out that this is an attempt at sarcasm, and that in this attempt, Skip Murphy is trying mightily to express the wildly unoriginal idea that some people (in this case college students, but he means liberals in general) simply don’t want to entertain alternatives to their crazy, belligerent nonsense. No, it’s worse than that — those liberals are the REAL bigots for calling people out!!!!

I guess that when people consistently tell you that you’re not merely wrong, but incapable of even engaging the sort of cognition that might sometimes keep you from veering into rhetorical ditches and logical brick walls every time you try to make a point, then your defensiveness ultimately drives you to take refuge in the idea that your opponents are just stubborn. Some people, they declare to themselves (and to whatever equally mindless commenters they can lure into their online echo-chambers, where meaningful dissent is not tolerated), simply refuse to entertain the merits of your positions out of preconceived spite or orthodoxy or whatever.

But of course is doesn’t work that way.

The world is full of people like Skip Murphy, who are in fact bigots and homophobes and misogynists and possessed these stellar qualities long before there was such a thing as blogs or the Internet. As a result, when Skip and his ilk express ideas consistent with these positions in inflamed virtual assholes like Granite Grok, people who find them unruly push back. End of story.

So the scheme is not this:

“I disagree with you, so that makes you a bigot”

but simply this:

“You’re a bigot, so I disagree with you.”

See? It’s really not that hard.

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