Another unintended consequence of Trump’s campaign

Is dipshits squaring off against morons, much like the street-fight scene in the original Anchorman.

This is a textbook display of blaming the woman victim of male aggression, right down to the guy doing the blaming being an inbred-looking halfwit in his sixties who still thinks yo-momma jokes and dragging people’s girlfriends into petty Internet wars are not only clever but an effective means of chasing off your betters when you have unwisely picked fights with them.

Michelle Fields may have a history of questionable accusations, but Corey Lewandowski has a long and distinguished record of being an asshole (not just in the distant past but recently, even apart from the Fields mess) and the Jupiter PD acted on a careful review of video evidence in deciding to charge him with misdemeanor battery.

The result is the almost unthinkable: infighting among the brain-dead bozos at Granite Grok. “KAM Glosta” is never going to win any awards for fair-mindedness or intellectual prowess herself, but she’s right to take strong issue with this mouth-breather’s systematically vacuous defense of Lewandowski, which is of course nothing more than a bashing of Fields.

Note especially the comments from Judy Paris and her maligning what she sees as New Hampshire’s stubborn “Yankee spirit.” Judy is a gay-bashing fundamentalist Christian who grew up, so to speak, in Oklahoma and Texas whom I got into it with a long-ass time ago, after she wrote an anti-gay letter to the Concord Monitor and when she still had writing “privileges” at Granite Grok (how one comes to relinquish those I have no idea). This is representative of the depth of her genius, and I guess this is as good a portal as any into the long-ago dealings I had with her and the other shitheads at Granite Grok.

The upshot of this is that it’s basically wingnut-on-wingnut crime. No one should be physically attacking anyone, let along women, at political rallies, but it’s hard to feel a lot of sympathy for anyone described as “Breitbart reporter” (a description functionally akin to “Racewalking sprinter”). That site is a clearinghouse for the most malignant wall-eyed shambling trolls on the entire Internet and when God smote Andrew Breitbart dead a couple years ago, He was apparently too lazy to do away with Breitbart’s equally odious site.