Regulating the wrong guns

11953185_10153189044612149_2727887019999792664_nThe social philosophers that operate incoherent goofblogs have a fondness for the word “hoplophobe” (except that to them it’s sometimes “Hoplophobe,” in the Fine Wingnut tradition Of Capitalizing random Words) to characterize anyone who supports anything pertaining to the purchase, possession, or use of firearms, period. Owing to the fact that every once in a while, something like this happens — even though the media never reports such things, of course — they reckon that anyone proposing that it is entirely unnecessary to allow, say, an Uzi to be toted into the U.S. Capitol by a civilian covered in swastika tattoos is simply fearful of guns in all their forms.

This is one of countless ironies emanating from the far right. Given its members’ collective stance on homosexuality, pornography, premarital sex, abortion, contraception, and even sex toys — at least the one they project to the world — it’s not surprising that they want to regulate practically everything pertaining to human genitalia, and to a far greater degree than most liberals want to regulate guns.

Does that mean it’s fair to label such people, who appear to be deeply afraid of their own and others’ dicks, “phallophobes”? The term “homophobe” is really too limiting — it’s the whole idea of sex for pleasure, sometimes in the absence of deep commitment, that screws with their heads.

I think that this is probably more sour grapes than anything else, and that the screeching about morality is a front for a scorching sense of inadequacy, at least on the men’s side. Take a look at the people who routinely send out warbling Internet trombone-blasts about the Godless depravity of faggotry, nudity, and casual sex. They are not typically the sorts of human specimens who are likely to grace the covers of magazines like GQ or Vogue. (If Consanguinity Weekly ever becomes more than an interesting concept in my own mind, though, watch out.)

Yes, limiting the use of certain kinds of guns in specified settings won’t make violent criminals or automatic weapons disappear from the citizenry overnight, or over. But penises and vaginas and the fun things people do with them are always going to be even more inextricably woven into humans’ everyday lives than the more garish, less fleshy, and vastly more destructive weapons that are clearly far more important to a certain noisy pocket of American society than are, just for starters, literacy, decency, self-awareness, and  consistency.

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