“Don’t listen to him, he’s as dumb as me! Listen to me instead!”

Sometimes the lack of basic reasoning skills possessed by pseudo-pundits like Sarah Palin is as profound as their general ignorance.

Palin is claiming that Bill Nye lacks the credentials and background to be commenting on scientific issues like global warming — even comparing him to *herself* by way of trying undermine his statements.

Even if she were right about Nye, who worked as an engineer for years before becoming the popularizer of science he’s best known for being, how does she expect to be taken seriously if she admits that she has no business talking about about climate change even as she continues offering her own childishly stupid ideas about it? How intellectually crippled does one’s audience have to be to hear someone say, almost flat-out, “Don’t listen to him, he’s as dumb as me! Listen to me instead!”

I would give her dubious credit for knowing and playing to her audience, but I don’t think that’s it at all — she’s not willfully riling up the goofball element with flagrantly false statements and hoping they won’t fact-check them, she’s merely making false statements that her followers accept at face value because both she and they are too dumb to know the difference or care. It’s a case of shit seeking its own level.

The sad thing about the climate change denialism is that it is completely unnecessary. It is nothing but an ideological stance by the stupidest of the stupid on the right (e.g., GraniteGrok). People who don’t want restrictions on gun ownership or who oppose abortion at least have a point, some self-interest or whatever. But the climate-change deniers among the rank and file and nothing more than brain-dead lemmings. I mean fucking really, more than 97 percent of climate scientists accept the evidence for anthropogenic global warming and a bunch of inbred yokels who think that “What is 2 + 2?” is a trick question can confidently blog about how wrong they are?