The solution to the campus-rape problem: Keep women out of colleges

No, really, I just read this sentiment and it’s not an intentional joke.

This counter to the “One in five female college students has been raped” trope may well be the dumbest thing I have seen the blinkered jackwad labeled Skip Murphy write yet, and because his chief mission in life is churning out the screeds of a benighted jackwad, the competition for this dubious honor is extraordinarily fierce. If you’re a runner, think of trying to come up with the most inspiring race or racing moment in the career of Haile Gebrselassie, and you get a sense of how difficult it is to properly stratify the sodden turds in the Granite Grok verbal sewage stream.

I’ve heard this stat for a long time and I’ve scratch my head ever since – if 20% of women on college campuses were actually rape victims, why do we still have coed dorms (or coed floors in those dorms)?  Why aren’t RAs patrolling the halls all the time (and “hallway pass monitors”  in the academic buildings)?  CCTV cameras all over the place? Why are campuses leading the charge for letting men into womens’ bathrooms and locker rooms?

Better yet – why aren’t these attacks, if they really exist, on the TV every night?  Front page of newspapers?  Why isn’t the blogosphere just lit up all over all the time with post after post after post about them?  But all we have is <crickets noises>.  So, why have the “womyn studies” and  “Womyn centers” and NOW and all of the other militant female organizations so quiet? AND WHY WOULD PARENTS KEEP SENDING THEIR DAUGHTERS (and their sons) TO COLLEGE if this was true?

I’m not sure I have ever seen so many strawmen and dumb questions in one tortured little attempt at a position piece. I have no doubt that Skip has scratch his head for a long time. As for the rest of it? Almost surreal in its willful avoidance of any sort of basic insight into how society operates.

The idea that more campus police and the elimination of coed dorms would curb campus rapes is akin to the idea that more cops and less male-female social interaction in society at large would lower the overall incidence of rape, and is nearly as idiotic. But apart from that, Skip obviously doesn’t read much (shocker, that). There is, in fact, a lot of talk on the  news and on the Internet about campus rape. Skip seems to forget that he steadfastly avoids looking at objective and left-leaning news sources because he knows that if he were capable of comprehending what’s written there, it would upset him.

It’s funny that he simultaneously knows the disparaging term “womyn” yet says he hasn’t seen such people lighting up the Web with material on this topic. He’s like a guy who says that the reason he’s never once read Penthouse or Hustler is because he’s put off by the close-up shots of meticulously shaved mons, glistening female pudenda, and people enjoying sex in unusual positions and settings, including the one on the ping-pong table in Sao Paulo.

The plaintive shitburst about why concerned parents continue allowing their daughters to go to college at all is probably the dumbest thing in the post, though. AND IT’S IN ALL CAPS, SO YOU KNOW SKIP MEANS BUSINESS. What he is not-so-implicitly proposing is little different from saying that they way to stem the rising tide of moronic blog posts like his is to keep startlingly stupid chatterbox rednecks from having Internet access in the first place. It might technically work, but it doesn’t address the fundamental problem.

What Skip is claiming with his array of nonsense is that if rapes were as common as the numbers say — and does it really matter if it’s one in five or merely “high”? Hard numbers are both impossible to collect and not the point here — then college campuses would look completely different in terms of student security and housing set-ups. Obviously, Skip (thankfully) hasn’t been on any college campuses lately. He doesn’t seem to comprehend the difference between rapes that occur on quads in broad daylight in full view of everyone — you know, the kind that people could probably interrupt and verify — and rapes that take place behind locked doors and go largely unreported, often permanently. Then again, Evangelical Christians, even the ferociously hypocritical ones like Skip, have never been know for their scintillating insights into sexual matters

I’m actually glad that Skip is typical of far-right-wing bloggers in being a cowardly blowhard who bans commenters with the temerity to tear his output apart, so that I am not even tempted to engage him directly. This is enough of an inexcusable time-waster as it is.

This was worth a chuckle, though:

“I tell conservatives, before engaging in an discussion, argument, or debate, NAIL down the definitions cold. Otherwise, you’ll lose.”

Yah, you TELL ’em! The idea that cognitively bereft people like Skip Murphy can prepare to argue points successfully by scanning YouTube clips from other right-wingnuts is, I admit, entertaining. Shit may seek its own level, true, but that doesn’t mean that shit-mergers are likely to result in the production of precious metals.


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