Kim Duclos has a bizarre flare-up

Bizarre even by her standards, I mean. Which is like saying, “Juiced even by NFL standards.”

She posted the material below the other day on Letsrun, and it was summarily deleted, but not before a few friends of mine who haunt the LRC forums around the clock and are are keyed into the walking human malignancy named Kimberly Duclos took screen shots of it.

Parsing this one takes some effort. First of all, bear in mind that this abject coward was told by the judge at our March 13 restraining-order hearing not to write anything more about me on the Internet. It wasn’t a court order but it was unquestionably a strong advisory. But would anyone really expect Kim, who has no problem lying to the policelying in a restraining-order application, lying in court itself, and impersonating people to tell lies, to comply with this? Why would she? She’s equal parts fundamentally evil person and mentally ill menace. She once proudly declared to her roommate, a friend of mine whom she went on to stiff for a couple months’ rent, “I lie because it gets me what I want.” Charming. I hope that my posts about her are exactly what she wants, but she seems to be thrown into colossal emotional disarray by them, so I have my doubts.

The “apparently I’m a dumbass” line is one of the few things Kim has posted online that is actually, unarguably true.

As for the next part, Kim has developed an odd fixation on Brad Hudson, and despite having never met the man, now seems to loathe him almost as much as she loathes me. My highly educated guess is that Kim, who scours my Facebook wall and blogs at least as often as she wipes her own ass (assuming this even happens) has seen public posts on my or Brad’s wall in which I am pictured helping out or running Hudson Elite workouts or mentioning our upcoming book, and she no doubt saw my review of “Coach Hudson’s Little Black Book.” So she knows that Brad and I are friends, at a minimum.

Anyway, it is genuinely weird that Kim would claim that Brad’s entire coaching is based on his work with Tera Moody. She absolutely has to know that Brad has worked with over a dozen national-class and world-class runners, including Dathan Ritzenhein. She has to know that he’s currently working with a number of women faster than Kim herself ever was. And as far as her questioning Brad’s and Tera’s coaching relationship, Tera seems curiously appreciative of Brad for someone who was supposedly exploited by him. I get some of this, though — Tera had the misfortune of rooming with Kim the weekend of the L.A. Marathon one year, and Kim, true to form, naturally offered all sorts of nasty opinions about Tera as a result of this chance pairing. (This was back in 2009, when Kim and I first started working together.)

Regardless, it’s no secret where Kim’s special venom in this area comes from. She hates the idea that I or anyone might be prosocial and part of an actual running community, because her own running withered and died many years ago despite her being only 34 and she’s never going to amount to anything in this sport again. I doubt she has a single real friend in Boulder other than her boyfriend, who like her is a transplant anyway. Actually, she doesn’t have any real friends anywhere; the woman doesn’t merely burn bridges, she vaporizes entire infrastructures.

Summary: Kimberly Duclos is one of those sick fucks whose happiness only increases when the overall misery of the world increases. What a fun worldview to wake up to every morning.

Then comes the stuff about me “riding the coat tails” of Lize. Kim claims that I made money from Lize by editing her book (not true at all) and helpfully adds that Lize has “huge problems” and is not of coaching quality. This jealousy of more successful women is pretty standard stuff coming from Kim. Lize has held the same job for about a dozen years and is good at it, and has published some articles on the side as well as her book. She volunteers at the Humane Society (which Kim dishonestly claims to, amusingly enough). Lize is a contributor and stable; Kim is a mercurial, caustic leech who has never held a steady job, has nothing but bad things to say about others, especially those who have bent over backward to help her, and has zero potential of ever developing into a decent, respectable person. So on that basis, sure, it’s easy to see why Kim often fixates on Lize and my relationship with her.

Kim has nothing but over-the-top scorn for all of my ex-girlfriends, actually, at least the ones she knows. Read whatever you want into that.

In the next section, Kim gives herself away. While she is no intellectual heavyweight, she’s not entirely stupid, but when her rational mind is pitted against her angry, delusional mind, the latter invariably prevails. The fact that she claims that I have “no power” is ironic given that the very fact that she keeps posting bullshit about me is evidence of power over her, not that I want it. And when she calls me “a bag of empty threats,” she might as well be screaming “This is Kim Duclos” from the rooftops, since, although I’ve never made threats against anyone, Kim is the only one who has ever earned a special section on my Web site for being an unrelenting, prevaricating, worthless shitweasel. (It’s not as though the identity of this poster was in question even without this.)

I’m not entirely sure where Kim gets the idea that Lize threw me out of her house, since I don’t technically live there anyway, but I guess it just sounded good in her tortured lumpy head. Kim has been thrown out of a great many places and situations herself.

Then there’s the central claim of the post — that Kim paid me for six months’ worth of coaching and I never delivered. Kim has a very hard time understanding that no one would ever take this seriously coming from an anonymous (and plainly unhinged, even to the uninitiated) source. If someone actually paid me for coaching and I didn’t deliver, that person could register a dispute with PayPal, and anyone inclined to go public with such a claim would understand that failing to provide a name would obliterate any semblance of the claim’s credibility.

I keep returning to the fact of what a craven, pathetic, socially inept and underhanded person Kim is. Also, I wonder what it would be like to have one’s thoughts occupied constantly by a resentment toward someone else. I can’t even fathom how miserable Kim must be — except that I can, because I was attuned to this even when things were going well between us six or seven years ago.

Overall, it’s absolutely forbidden for me to even give the appearance of thriving in life, because Kim herself, at 34, has never been self-supporting, never had a genuine peer group she could call friends, never been stable enough to avoid the kind of shit she continually accuses other people of perpetrating, and never been happy whatsoever. She will continually blame me for the dissolution of her running career because Kim Duclos cannot take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in her life. And it’s not all the fact that she probably has schizoaffective disorder; even when she is at her most functional, she is still someone who happily and greedily lies, cheats and steals her way through life, always on the lookout for the next guy to support her while she leads a fantasy life in which she actually holds a job and is working toward a degree and contributes anything more than ugly static to society.

It’s sad to say, but Kim is simply a failure of reproductive biology. She’s the perfect storm of someone destined to fail and be a wrecking ball in the lives of others in the process. At baseline she’s just mean, dishonest and eager to blame other people for the things that go wrong in her life, but on top of that she has serious uncontrolled mental problems — the perfect storm of Human Yuck. And for her to dump alcohol into herself is equivalent to dropping napalm on a wildfire.

The only way Kim is ever going to stop fighting this losing battle against me is if she somehow is deprived of access to the Internet for the rest of her life, or is forced to go live on the Moon. Either way, I am well beyond tired of this. She’s brain-damaged but I have zero sympathy for her simply because of the effects of her mental dysfunction on me. It would be really swell if she would just vanish from the face of the Earth. But since that’s not likely to happen, I hope she understands that I’m prepared to deal with each and every moronic and untrue thing she says about me.

One last thing. Kim writes shit on the Internet about me and I write things about Kim on the Internet. But there are a couple of critical differences (other than the obvious, which is that she lies and I tell the truth):

1. I attach my name to everything I write about her.
2. I’m not at all hesitant to link to the things she writes about me.

Contrast this with what Kim does. She goes from running forum to running forum posting garbage about me, but never attaches her own name to her claims — which makes sense since she’d immediately be open to lawsuits. Moreover, she has never once linked to the stuff I’ve written about her here or on my Web site, not from Facebook and not from her blog. Why? Because she is petrified of her five token followers discovering the truth. If she had any way of refuting the things I have written about her, she would surely make an attempt to do so, but instead she just hopes that no one sees what I’ve said about her — because it’s indisputably true.