Some thing’s never change’s: Grokster’s still happily inhabiting an alternate realities

Until today I hadn’t looked at Granite Grok in several months. With a Clinton presidency all but assured and the Dems’ taking back the Senate more likely than not, I figured that the loons who keep that Internet turd bobbing along in the sewer pipes of cyberspace had become even more irrational and incoherent than usual. Then I remembered that their achieving this is as about as feasible a prospect as exceeding infinity; maxed out is maxed out. But I was nevertheless far from disappointed.

This post jumped out at me because it has all of the usual Grok nonsense: written in barely comprehensible English, relying on fringe characters and sites as sources, and laced with untenable amounts of wishful thinking. The lowlights:

“James O’Keefe, who founded Project Veritas and has been a long time friend of the ‘Grok, has now released the third video in his series of investigative videos of what goes on behind the scenes of the Democrat Party campaigns dealing with those whose stock in trade is dirty tricks (we have them here and here).”

Google James O’Keefe and Project Veritas to discover just how credible he and his outfit are. Or just read this (and follow the links to source material if you don’t trust Wikipedia itself). O’Keefe is the David Daleiden of right-wing audiovisual horseshit.

“Sure, there are those on the Left that completely dismiss this from ‘editing’ but just the reactions of the Dems to the content are showing that they are absolutely going bonkers in damage control.”

First of all, in English, this would read, “Sure, there are those on the Left who completely dismiss this as ‘editing’ but the reactions of the Dems to the content show that they are absolutely going bonkers in damage control.” But no matter how this spew is couched, it’s the height of hilarity. Analogous statements practically write themselves. Here’s one: “Sure, there are those over the age of six who dismiss Santa Claus as a fictional character, but the reactions of dismayed children worldwide to the revelation that ‘Santa” is actually Mom and Dad speaks volumes.” And so on.

Fast forward to Skip’s beseeching coda:

“My question to them is this: WHY aren’t YOU doing the same level of investigative reporting he’s doing?  And that includes the Conservative media as well – constructive criticism is fine, but where’s your’s?”

Skip is no stranger to unusually bizarre abuses of grammar, but I admit that I haven’t seen the “your’s” construct anywhere, from anyone. But to answer his question: Because, Mr. Murphy, most people aren’t eager to spend their lives repeatedly embarrassing themselves by carving out well-deserved reputations as public serial liars, idiots, and cranks.

I can’t wait to see what these fuckers have to say a week from tomorrow.

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