More hollow appeasement of idiots by most visible idiot on Earth

Donald Trump remains a bloated old shitbag who looks so openly irate and stressed and confused while performing the most basic of tasks, like signing his own name, that it’s impossible to not feel a modicum of pity at the sight of him in addition to the frustration and despair any decent or sane person has to experience when confronted with the fact that we Americans live in a country that elected such a worthless human being president, and therefore live in a country with numerous people whose major function as citizens is taking up space unnecessarily until they blessedly expire and rot into forgotten irrelevance, as Trump himself will do one day erelong.

I’d love to tell him all of this to his face, but the real impact of this executive order, like so many of his preceding ones, is probably minimal. He’s basically telling preachers of the swamp-dwelling Elmer Gantry type that they can officially tell parishioners whom to vote for, which is like giving a teenage boy permission to masturbate vigorously and often.

When do you suppose was the last time a member of the First Baptist Church in Chapped Asshole, Arkansas (maybe I made that up, maybe not) was *not* encouraged by someone in authority to vote for the Republican candidate in any politcal race?

I have friends who are members of more liberal congregations in N.H. in Colorado and in between, and this won’t affect a thing in those churches any more than it will change what happens in pinworm country — with one critical exception: In pinworm country, people aren’t especially astute, and this popgun blast into the sky by Trump will cause them to love the gibbering mad fool all the more even as he and his government work to dissolves the health insurance of vast mumbers of those very yahoos and their neighbors.

Conservative Christians in this hallowed land have never been taken seriously about their moral crises by serious people, because they have repeatedly demonstrated supernatural levels of hypocrisy in this area, with preacher after preacher, Republican legislator after Republican legislator, being caught with whores or mistresses or even the mouths of underage boys enclosing their ancient, quasi-functional cocks. But lying ministers and other “leaders” are one thing; Christians really gave the game away at the level of the rank and file by voting en masse for a morally depraved, ignorant-of-the-Bible, profane and prevaricating fuckface like Trump. They were perfectly content to overlook all of those seemingluy vital moral imperatives as long as Trump was inclined to put an anti-Roe v. Wade, pro-Jesus justice on the Supreme Court to replace the deeply nasty and, by the end, parodically unqualified-to-serve Antonin Scalia. Trump did just that.

Donald Trump will continue to produce occasional meaningless gestures like this one on the blinkered behalf of conservative Christians, and they, mindless drones and incompetent residents of Earth that they are, will continue to support him.