We don’t just resist enlightenment; we like being ripped off

According to another depressing poll from the Pew Research Center, churches and banks earn more trust from Americans than colleges and the media. Not surprisingly, Republicans and right-leaning people are more openly hostile toward reality and more eager to embrace horseshit and ruinous influences than others.

Say what you will about the media and higher education, but lying to people for the purpose of parting them from their money is almost the sole intent of the people running churches and banks.You can at least go to college and read newspapers and almost invariably wind up knowing more about the world than when you started. Spend too much time in a church or a bank, and you risk winding up a victim of some combination of counterfactual sermonizing, sexual abuse, or financial scams and crimes — assuming you’re not actually committing any of these yourself. (I shouldn’t lump churches into the same bin as I do banks. A lot of kind people volunteer their time at churches and they are great for community-forming. Banks should basically be destroyed.)

Another way to put it: Active purveyors of misinformation sit better with a lot of people than institutions that are (at least in theory) in the information business.

The 10 percent approval of the media by righties and right-leaning people is undoubtledly a direct consequence of the influence of Donald Trump. Anyone with an ounce of discernment can tell that the man is a complete fucking idiot. If he were a nice guy, we’d all be saying things like, “Damn, the man means well, but it’s too bad the fat old fool was mercilessly clobbered with the idiot stick.” But he’s not nice, of course, and so now we must rue the presence of him, his greasy sons, and his moronic little chirping daughter until some welcome force — be it the intelligence community or something more ominous — whisks them out of view.

Yet this tireless fuckhead has actually managed to convince a large number of people that the mainstream media just stone makes shit up, simply by repeating himself loudly and often. What this clearly says about the brains of these people isn’t something I even want to explore.

So the next time you happen to be standing in line in a public place, be it a supermarket, a road race registration line, or a brothel, realize that chances are decent that you’re amid numerous people who think that human shit is indistinguishable from unsweetened custard, or that if you play the numbers on the back of a cookie fortune enough times, you’re guaranteed to eventually become a billionaire.