Lunatic troll doubles down on self-abasement: part 89 in an infinite series

Perhaps you’ve encountered this kind of thing before: Someone is caught in an undeniable, flat-out  lie on the Internet, and instead of fessing up or simply disappearing, he or she compounds the entire uproarious fuckup with ever-more-ridiculous lies while becoming markedly more agitated after every reply from her interlocutors. This person decides she will fight until the bitter end, reality be damned, her headlong rush into sheer humiliation notwithstanding.

In adopting a “go big or go home” mentality with respect to all-important Internet wars, this brand of troll ignores a simple, critical fact: from the moment the exchange first started, there was zero chance of her “winning,” by any definition.

I mentioned that I’d be addressing Kim Duclos’ using the death of one of my friends as tool for hammering away at her usual bullshit: that I’m a homeless, criminal, abusive gutter-drunk who relies on some combination of the local shelter, the charity of the woman I beat up, running prowess, thievery, and mind control to get what I want out of my sad and hopeless life. Kind of like a combination of Alex DeLarge, James Bond, and Jeff Lebowski.

It’s still unclear how much of this Kim really believes and how much she simply needs to believe, because, as I’ve noted, it’s hard to separate her fundamental psychiatric problems from her inherently depraved character. Virtually everything Kim says about others — some of it true, most of it lies — is a reflection of her own wobbly existence, and Kim, while always miserable, finds life marginally less dismal when she thinks people who have tormented her for no reason are struggling, too. She hates the fact that, whatever my problems might be, I’m obviously making enough of whatever talents and work ethic I possess to navigate life like a sober, active, socially engaged adult who earns income from a variety of sources and pays his own rent. (That’s not setting the bar especially high, to be sure, but Kim has tried to plant that bar somewhere between Earth’s mantle and its crust.) An avowed misogynist, she hates that the women I’m closest to have meaningful lives and are not reliant on people they don’t even want to be with for basic survival. The trail between her every critical word and her regrets over own behavior isn’t even a trail; it’s about the busiest intersection imaginable.

Kim’s latest cowardly venture was beyond the pale, even for a person whose moral framework and overall bearing seem drawn in equal proportion from Donald Trump and Krusty the Klown. Having obviously seen my name in the paper and having watched the video of me speaking at Benji’s memorial service on New Year’s Eve, she took to the Boulder subreddit and…

Okay, let me pull back a bit, for the sake of feigning uncertainty, as a philosophical purist might. Someone took to this topic on the /boulder subreddit under the name HungryBuffsDriver (also here, for when Kim deletes that profile) at the same time someone did the same thing under the name legal_throwaway34 (also here, and ditto). I will henceforth refer to these personas as HBD and LT34 respectively. Most of their comments are gone from the topic itself thanks to an alert moderator, so don’t bother trying to follow the conversation that way; just refer to the comments pages I linked above.

Kim Duclos, not incidentally, has a recent Reddit posting history under her own name (specifically, as duclok2), but deleted the account in mid-December as soon as she saw that I had referenced her comments on my Twitter feed. In one of these comments, she talked about hating Boulder and life in general, said her boyfriend “might be a douche,” and boasted about getting wasted in New Orleans — a trip it is 100 percent certain that her supposedly douchey companion paid for, just as he’s paid for everything else he and his unemployable lady-friend do together. (It’s also not the best idea to mention getting hammered when you’ve already admitted having an alcohol problem to the local police, ironically one of the few accurate things you told the officer that day. Or when you’ve admitted going to your temp job drunk and getting fired as a result.) In two earlier comments that contradict both her oft-repeated lie of having enrolled at the University of Colorado in 2015 and each other, she wrote that she started to take one or more pre-requisite courses for computer science at Front Range Community College in 2016 but had otherwise been inactive scholastically since 2004, yet wrote in a different thread that she had already completed her pre-reqs at C.U. Oh, and Kim also claims to hold an associate’s degree in C.S. from WPI, a school that does not and has never offered such a thing. I have also summarized all of this here.

Have I mentioned yet that this woman is not trustworthy? Maybe not all there?

Anyway, the comments from HBD and LT34 are undeniably, insistently, even humorously similar. Read those two pages in chronological order from bottom to top. (Oh, for now, stop when you get to the comments in the topic called “Long form piece on transients, heroin, crime near Nederland” — I’ll get into those next time.) In both cases, in virtually every outburst, whichever harried persona is yammering implacably tries to steer the conversation from Benji’s death to the Boulder man quoted about him in this article, coupling this to a description of said man as a complete dirtbag. That Boulder man is, of course, me. Both characters do their best to leave a massive pile of breadcrumbs for others to follow to my name without naming me outright, for the simple reason that she knows I regularly Google myself and my primary Internet handle to see what kind of cuntistry Kim has been perpetrating. Note that she even implores other people to not post text from the article lest my name make its way into the thread thanks to someone other than herself. (Yep, she’s actually pretending her to be concerned about “doxxing.”)

(This is one of countless points where, if you still find yourself trusting Kim at all for some fuckish reason, you should ask yourself why she won’t simply post these things using her own name. If they were true, and she really wanted people to believe them, what would be the problem? And she’s been periodically saying for at least two years that she’s gonna release a bombshell about rascals like me any day now.)

Hilariously — and let’s face it, when someone as stupid as Kim gets rolling, the results, however malicious, are always funny at some level — LT34 claims to be a lawyer who advocates for, yet loathes, homeless people and misspells everyday words with alacrity, while HBD says she’s a shelter resident who drives 10 to 12 hours a day delivering food to put herself through college. It’s a toss-up as to which of these accounts is the least credible after about 30 seconds of scanning their comments, but their author is of course oblivious to this because, as she’s shown many times in the past, she is completely incapable of keeping track of her own bullshit.

Let me take a step back a bit and refer to the one comment HBD had to her credit before this topic was posted. (LT34 had no comments on Reddit until the day she started in on the Benji stuff.) It’s from last summer:

If the second half of that looks familiar, this is probably why:

Now fast forward a few months, and HBD and LT34 both jump into the same topic at the same time. Again, HBD had been dormant since last summer after commenting exactly once in her “career,” while LT34 had never commented at all before the day the Benji topic appeared (she left two meaningless comments in other threads on the same day). These “two” both magically came out of the woodwork at the same time — within hours of each other, in fact — to say the very same ugly things about someone, easily identified as me, who wasn’t even part of the topic.

Here are some of HBD’s greatest hits:

“The man defending him in these articles is well-known around town for domestic violence, theft, drunk driving, driving without a license, and public intoxication. He’s a notorious bullshitter and had the gall to ‘speak out’ at the clamshell defending the situation and blaming the shelter that gives him regular handouts. It just goes to show that you can give some of these assholes all they want and they will still throw you under the bus because they are narcissistic assholes.”

This constitutes libel from beginning to end, but it doesn’t even matter. It’s just babble from a boozy and bloated puddle of demented, cowardly, self-hating protoplasm.

“Would you give money and support to an active criminal who is trashing the people who have tried to steer him in the right direction? Someone who is violent and putting others in danger on the roads? This just happened to be one very known criminal in the area who has no shame in hurting people physically, emotionally and now in the paper. He was honestly a very bad influence on our now dead friend and seeing him play it off like he’s the hero for the homeless is disgusting.”

What’s disgusting, in every sense, is that she pretends to have known Benji and claimed I was “honestly” a bad influence on him. It’s really as if she is doing her best Donald Trump imitation. She has the body type, hair color, nonstop lying, and infelicitous grammar down, but has none of the things — unearned money, the support of a corrupt U.S. Congress — that are keeping our dear fuckwit of a president in office.

Now, let’s let LT34 shine for a few moments:

“I’d like to chime in from a legal perspective on how this effects the shelter…” 

Effects?  OK, Shakespeare, Attorney at Law.

“The man quoted in the article (most likely slandering the shelter) is the type to cause serious problems. He has a long, steady background of receiving support from shelters and other sources locally and across the country. There’s no sign of trying to recover. He’s not employed but has had some reports filed related to him scamming people for cash. He also has a long criminal history that is violent and the number of DUIs is something I haven’t seen in my career up until this point. There’s also some theft and restraining orders reported on him and none of this is old. It’s not like he made some mistakes in the past and is trying to get better. He’s more of the active career criminal type and a danger in the shelter. I can see why he’s quick to attack the shelter. He’s not had a smooth ride with them and is easily angered and vengeful (at least from what I’ve seen in my research). As I mentioned in other comments, this is not somebody I’d defend in the courtroom. Definitely not an “angel”. Definitely not somebody trying to get back on his feet.”

An active career criminal type who lives at a shelter despite having a lease and an address in the eastern part of Boulder, and who stopped drinking two years ago, and who has never…but, you know, fuck it. You’ll never find where the bodies are buried. I’m driving shitfaced as I voice-post this.

“I’ve worked to defend many men who have to live in the shelter. I’ve gotten to know them and their lives well…”

Oh, how generous! A real bleeding heart. Or…or…

“He also claims to have been friends with the deceased. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a consistent bad influence on him. Alcoholism and drug abuse spreads like a virus in these shelters and it’s a major reason we need to remove the bad homeless from the bunch.”

Oops! I’m pretty sure that even the most cynical advocate for homeless people wouldn’t say those things, or, come to think of it, libel “the man quoted in the article” in a manner almost identical to HBD.

Note also that both commenters are smitten with a certain metaphor.

HBD: “It’s inevitable that there’s a bad apple or 12 in every group.”
LT34: “Removing the bad apples, benefits the good in a huge way.”

Coincidence? Maybe, but then there’s this 2015 jewel as well, from Kim Duclos’ now-deleted blog (in reference to, believe it or not, yours truly):

“I see Colorado as a generally happy place now that I’m here so why let a bad apple ruin it for me.”

There’s also this:

HBD: “Thank you for understanding. I’m open to discussion on both sides as long as it’s constructive.”
LT34: “Thank you for understanding. I miss seeing more of the good guys.” (OK, I cheated here — this one’s in the topic I said I’d wait to discuss until next time.)

Thank you for understanding that the sentence used to open those comments is very rarely used to open any kind of post on Reddit or anywhere else.

I’ll leave it to you to have your own fun with the stuff I didn’t quote or otherwise refer to, or not. But again, I didn’t enter the Benji thread; I just watched and collected screen shots and HTML files. (I’ve repeatedly announced to Kim in real time, as she’s unspooling more garbage, that I’m doing this; these warnings that have never deterred Kim from posting things sure to embarrass her in the near future.) As you’ll see soon enough, I did not stay out of the next one. I haven’t even gotten to the really funny stuff yet, where Kim faceplants on her shit-encrusted keyboard in a most flagrant way in trying to deny being both HBD and LT34. I also haven’t substantively pondered, at least on this blog, why her boyfriend, who is well aware of her behavior, has evidently not tried to curb it, but that’s coming too, because I’m tired not only of morally decrepit shitheads, but also of the shitheads who support them or allow them to shit around unchecked.

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