This is what everyday insanity looks like

And most of it isn’t even my own.

I’m going to try to present the continuation of this nonsense in a somewhat more succinct form than I did last time. This is partly because all words devoted to Kim Duclos’ hijinks are by some measure a waste of time, but also because I don’t think I need to belabor the obvious by overthrowing my analysis into the mix; there are no alternative interpretations of Kim’s idiocy other than “it’s idiocy.”

About a week after the appearance of the “Thoughts on removing posts from homeless individuals asking for help?”  thread on the Boulder subreddit — a topic I learned of days after the fact and stayed out of — someone submitted a link to an article in 5280 Magazine about dangerous people camping in the foothills west of town. It didn’t take long for the human-bullfrog hybrid behind “legal_throwaway34,” having a tropism for anything that lets her blather about her caricature of me as well as indirectly vent her own long-ago-disclosed fears about becoming homeless, to find her way to this thread. She posted this:

This time, I decided not to be a bystander. First I posted this:

Keep in mind that at this point, “HungryBuffsDriver,” the obvious alter ego of LT34, had not been active on Reddit for about six days, the same length of time LT34 had been away before her above soliloquy. That’s what made this response especially priceless:

And so went the rest.

Recall that at the time, HBD’s profile contained this comment, a fact that she was too dumb to pick up on throughout most of the rest of this exchange despite my repeated,  direct, very emphatic references to it. Thus had HBD built the identity of a college student who lives in a homeless shelter, drives for 10 to 12 hours a day, and writes things that Kim Duclos and only Kim Duclos has repeatedly written.

Someone then decided to ask about the HBD/LT34 sock-puppetry:

Soon afterward, yet another handle appeared, with this one rambling about the same stuff in an even more off-the-wall and outright libelous way. Notably, “i_climb_rocks_a_lot” started in after my post that included the bit about how I’d scrub all of the stuff I’ve written about Kim from the Web if she’d apologize to the people she’s attacked and lied about and not backslid for a six-month period. Obviously, she’d rather commit to being a piece of shit, because this, while shitty, is what she knows and all she knows.

One of the mods then zapped all of the above and nominally scolded us both, although he was obviously more upset that KBD/LT34/ICRAL had used multiple aliases (and let’s not forget this one, too). He also sent me a private message acknowledging that, much to his own admitted consternation, he had followed the whole battle back to my website and realized the sort of nut he was dealing with, and had reached out to the Reddit higher-ups for help.

Although it may appear that I spend great portions of my day scouring the Web for evidence of Kim’s contributions, this, in reality, isn’t very time-consuming. (Even just 10 years ago, for various technical reasons, it might have been.) I work almost entirely online, I do ample amounts of screwing off online, and I virtually always carry an Internet-enabled phone. Having a couple of tabs open in the background for the purpose of gathering non-intelligence is easy — too easy, really. Moreover, this has become a nominally crowd-sourced task. A few times a year, I learn of additional people who follow these posts and Kim Duclos’ nonsense-world in general. Not all of them are necessarily my allies; some of them just enjoy the crude allure of conflict and other people’s mental problems writ large, and they mostly want to see what she might do next (and in a couple of local cases, how to avoid ever seeing her).

I have left the one or two people I can think of to contact about her obvious unraveling out of this whole drama so far, but that’s not going to continue. (Also, anyone who associates closely with her and watches this all happen is obviously a screw-up in his own right.) I’ve also kept Kim’s and my private correspondence from 2013 and earlier private, and this will also change, because a lot of it is pertinent to what’s unfolding now. Hell, I even have an invitation:

Ever since I cut Kim off as a coaching client four years ago, far too late and for a host of reasons, she has sought almost without pause to perturb my equilibrium. The few people who at first advised me, “Just ignore her, all she wants is attention, she’ll stop eventually” soon realized after perusing her online offerings, and reading our 2016 court meeting, that she’s not simply a toddler noisily making her way toward a more peaceful stage of childhood; she’s a 35-year-old pile of vicious, incoherent resentment. A failure of biology, as I pointed out before. The ordinary rules of psychosocial currency don’t apply to people of her constitution, she carries on in more or less the same way whether I ignore her — as I did for the first two years after I discharged  her — or not. She has nothing to full her psychological wasteland of a life other than spewing bile and posting photos extraordinarily unpalatable-looking heaps of food-like matter on Instagram. I don’t care that it’s not a fair fight for various reasons: her low-wattage mind, her absence of morality, and her volatile mood. She’s got mud for a brain and syphilis for a soul. But she knows the difference between right and wrong, and has merely chosen to violate it repeatedly. And one of these days, her feeble mind is going to slip even further and she’ll wind up doing something that has me or someone I know suing her instead of just mocking her. (It’s kind of funny that she’s broken libel laws countless times in the course of calling me a dangerous criminal who must be stopped.)

Oh, but wait: I’d better watch out, because Kim has managed to assemble a large, and still growing, army of supporters from the world of online runners. The Facebook intro on the left is from  Jan. 8,  while the other two are from Jan. 17.

Although she’s gained over 500 friends in just the past week and a half, I’ve yet to hear from a single one. Maybe when membership of Team Kimbo tops a hundred thousand, at least one or two members of this battalion of right-thinking hellions will make their presence known.

One last thing: these posts actually serve a number practical purposes besides venting and sniping. The more astute among you know what these are.  Kim does not, so I will say no more on that here.

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