Evangelicals increasingly suffering from an unfair burden: reality

A recent Christian Post article exploring the results of another survey showing a decline in the popularity of Christianity in the U.S. is, as is true of most Evangelical expulsions, entertaining for its lack of insight into how people view them.

By definition, Evangelicals are living a life built on lies and denial. It is one thing to believe in a conscious creator of the universe and leave it at that (I don’t, but it’s not a strictly irrational idea) but quite another to reject evolution and other basic scientific realities. So in a sense, it shouldn’t be surprising when Evangelicals turn out to be moral hypocrites as well as purveyors of — to be kind — psuedo-scientific nonsense.

But one would think that they would at least be able to understand why other people are not okay with their whole scam. That is, they should appreciate that there are valid reasons that other people aren’t on board with their peculiar shambles of an alternative reality. In the article, the writer and his interviewees wring their godly hands over the reasons members of “Gen Z” (teenagers and younger, at the moment) aren’t hitching their wagons to the fundie train in the same numbers they used to. The attribute some of this to people favoring science over religious dogma (horrors!) and they also finger gays and gender-fluidity — not in the sense of  “gay people in general are more comfortable coming out at younger ages and hence turning their  backs on institutions that demonize them,” which is true, but with the usual “Those faggots and trannies keep stealing and corrupting our pure children” undertones.

What these observers neglect is the likelihood that an increasing number people, even a few already religious ones, are being turned off by Evangelicals’ recent displays of staggering hypocrisy. While hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug, of this religious sect and many others,  it’s become more flagrant than ever in the past couple of years, with their support of a clearly non-biblical shitstain of a president and their rallying behind whatever one chooses to call the brain-dead  purse-lipped monstrosity known as Roy Moore.

Kids, through no fault of their own, may be naive in a lot of ways, but they are not unobservant. When they see TV or Internet clips that show inarticulate people unspooling load after load of horseshit, and notice that a common thread among these people is the ferocity of their Bible-thumping, they’re not likely to think “Now that’s a fuckin’ club I want into.”

Soon, Evangelicals will need to start recruiting solely from places where people are found with their tongues stuck to frozen lampposts and their nostrils atrophied from lack of respiratory use (but bleeding for other reasons).

Also, things like this don’t help:


Considering how important heterosexuality and Millennials are to Evangelicals, you’d think that the Christian Post scholars would get the spellings of these terms right.

If you happen to be young and intelligent, you’re probably mortified at the number of adults who are clearly living in a fantasy world and walling themselves off from reality, regardless of the ultimate costs. The backward morality of Evangelical Christianity aside, maybe increasing numbers of young people just don’t want to be affiliated with people who emit the stench of dipshit from half a block away.