This week in Steve McConkey: lies, futility and inanity

Steve McConkey, who claims to have operated a ministry for Christian track athletes (read: “I’ll try to help you not be gay anymore”) since 1981 but doesn’t have a single endorsement on his websitecontinues to complain about mindfulness meditation. He is concerned that this secular practice, the efficacy of which has a modicum of empirical support, is is replacing Christian prayer in the professional and sports world. He also cautions against engaging in yoga, which is evil for reasons Steve chooses to not disclose. He proposes in yet another “worldwide press release” (i.e., an Internet posting) that non-Christian prayers carry “the potential of opening up the user to the darkness.”

This development, from the standpoint of a babbling idiot, is indeed a gross injustice. As anyone with only slightly less insight than a gnat is aware, just as no one can be both a weightlifter and a runner, it’s absolutely impossible to be a Christian and engage in any sort of contemplative reflection besides prayer (“prayer” in this context meaning “beseeching the God of the Holy Bible to enact certain Old Testament precepts while complete ignoring the foundational tenets of Jesus’ message”).

Why would anyone bother with extra-biblical spiritual interventions anyway? Provided you live in an alternate reality — and as I’ve pointed out, McConkey’s commentariat is overrun with people who are clearly nuts, even if Steve himself may be more-or-less sane — praying for stuff you fear and loathe is both free and marvelously effective. Recent SCOTUS decisions like this and maps like this one notwithstanding, fundamentalists’ noisy brand of lobbying the most popular celestial magistrate in America has been useful in ridding society of all of the things McConkey and his fellow Evangelicals want eliminated, including homosexuality, marijuana, abortion, teenagers in Florida, non-Christian religions, and atheism. Hell, I can barely type as I type this, what with all of the ferocious prayers being hurled into the aether in opposition to the persecution of Christians I perpetrate. Gays from coast to coast are being helplessly converted to a more manly, less deviant lifestyle by the imprecations of determined conduits of the LORD such as Steve McConkey. Sure, most of this potent chatter originates from people and parts of the U.S. that God himself seems to have grossly neglected when doling out his blessings, but that’s just part of how he tests people’s faith: by never, ever delivering on a single thing that could not have transpired via perfectly mundane mechanisms.

OK, that’s enough sarcasm. It’s too much work to maintain when outright mockery and cold dissection is sufficient for the job.

Here, McConkey lies about the number of abortions performed in the U.S. every day (based on the most recent available stats, it’s about half of the 3,000 he claims).

He also likens the murder of sentient human beings to elective abortion, which, even if you oppose the practice, is a textbook example of false equivalence. And in asking why liberals aren’t outraged about abortion, he seems to forget that liberals, you know, support the right of women to have abortions. He might as well ask why conservatives aren’t upset that more churches aren’t being closed down. (At one point recently, McConkey also had a post boasting that one of his sons was the most prolific gun dealer in the country, but he seems to have deleted it or limited the viewing audience. It was probably another bullshit “fact.”)

This post might be the best one he produced all week. In the course of again admitting that he’s been on the losing side of a crusade against homosexual acceptance for decades, he complains that the federal government refuses to fund institutionalized anti-gay bigotry.

See, it’s not enough that jerk-offs like Steve can claim operate a nonprofit business under the guise of a “ministry,” and that religious institutions, even flat-out for-profit businesses like the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, enjoy 501(3)(c) tax-exempt status.

Here’s an idea, Steve: If you want to formally preach anti-gay, counter-scientific nonsense in pidgin English to college students, don’t try to wheedle more money out of the government. Use those PayPal donations and start your own sad excuse for a college. Liberty and Bob Jones are great examples of joke-schools for the celebration of howling Bronze Age bullshit.

I should add in closing that Steve knows full well that his mission is all a dog-and-pony show and that the America he agitates for is slipping further and further into dark fantasy every day. He acknowledges this almost daily on his Facebook page, when he bemoans the decreasing popularity if Christianity and other “problems.” His purpose on social media is to yammer and screech in ways that he knows that the kind of fuckups who follow him will respond favorably to. Any target of the right wing is fair game — Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, climate change, gun control, gays, whatever. The fact that the kinds of intellectually barren and flat-out crazy people who follow Steve McConkey understand nothing about these issues is immaterial. I and many others are guilty of the same “sin” — i.e., preaching to the converted — but at least I and people whose ideas I respect don’t lie when we express opinions.

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