This week in Steve McConkey: “Let me join the bigot club,” racism, and serious confusion

The normal response to being accused of racism, and for suffering the consequences of making racist remarks, is to at least acknowledge those remarks and either walk them back or double down on them, depending on the situation and the state of mind of the accused. Even admitted racists usually get at least this far.

The response of an addled whack-job like Steve McConkey in such a scenario is to blame others for the tumult and post similarly offensive remarks on publicly accessible Internet sites.

Last Tuesday, McConkey, a “ministry president” (i.e., unemployed professional beggar), boasted that he would be on a radio program the following afternoon. Prayers, as always, were appreciated.

Make no mistake — that site is run by “Christians” with views just as distasteful as McConkey’s; that they happen to be black is irrelevant. Except, that is, given that McConkey has made some jarringly insensitive statements about black people in the not-so-distant past.

Last fall, McConkey was on an episode of the Tom Roten Morning Show. The host, a West Virginia Republican, revels in his own cluelessness and counterfactual statements about a variety of matters; you can confirm this for yourself by suffering through the whole program, and McConkey is happy to co-sign the guy’s nonsense. But for present purposes, start at the 11:30 mark. He’s talking about NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel for the National Anthem. Just after the 12:00 mark, McConkey opines that Kaepernick should stand for the flag because he owes it to the people who fought in the Civil War and “died for the freedoms of the slaves et cetera.”

In other words, to show how appreciative they are to have freedom thanks to white soldiers in the 1860s, black people in 2018 should in effect remain in servitude, their constitutional right to not stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” notwithstanding.

McConkey was furious when he learned that someone tipped off the hosts of the show, leading them to cancel his “appearance” — although true to form, he was completely clueless about why they had done so.

Of course, there’s some question about whether McConkey was ever supposed to be on the show in  the first place. An e-mail from one Wil Addison of the American Family Association to a correspondent said:

“I have asked the host on the programs about this guest you are speaking of and no one knows him. Dexter Sanders the host of that show said the guy must have misunderstood him because he wasn’t planning to have him on the show.”

But rather than reflect on anything he may have said or done to bring these events about, and consider the implications of not only his own stated ideas but his ongoing lying, McConkey went on the offensive. But it’s rather strange that McConkey would balk at being called a racist anyway. Here, after all, a Facebook post in which he actually brags about being a member of the “bigot club.”

And over the past weekend, he posted this on his dubiously named “Steve Prophecy Report.” (Just ask yourself how many sane people you know who would title a non-satirical page a “prophecy report.”)

At an absolute minimum, someone who has just experienced blowback as a result of his own racist (or is it “racialist”?) raving would exhibit reservations about posting that, with that caption, given the backstory involved. But Steve McConkey is oblivious as can be when it comes to, shall we say, cultural sensitivities. Here, both his and his friends’ charms in this area are on display.

“Jing jung jong.” That’s hilarious. (I could write a whole serious of posts on how astonishingly screwed up McConkey’s commenters are, especially Pat Lenard, and how he happily tolerates some of the craziest garbage on Facebook — not that any of this is a surprise.)

McConkey is also spending almost all of his time and even money trying to get me to stop doing this, which is only going to lead me to expose more of his awfulness over time. McConkey thinks that by trotting out evidence of my past drunkennness that he can shame me into stopping or otherwise compel me to quit (more on that in an upcoming post). The reverse is true. McConkey claims that my main goal in life is to ruin him; initially, this was maybe my ninth priority, and I was just using him as a punching bag for my frustrations about Evangelicals and their obviously self-immolating support for the least Christian president imaginable. Now, however, he has ensured that I will remain a thorn in his side, and live rent-free in his misshapen head until the day one of us is dead. He serves up an unrelenting stream of verbal sewage that is extraordinarily easy to make fun of, and it takes me less time than it may seem for me to dissect it. And because my days as a Bad Person are firmly in the past whereas Steve establishes that he’s a bigoted slapdick with reach new sunrise, I think he’ll be surprised at how little incentive I have to quit doing this.

McConkey wrote the following in his latest “worldwide news release” — and if you’re wondering, he actually pays for these things, using the money he collects from the idiots who donate to keep his horror of a life afloat. (I admit that I take pleasure in knowing that a jobless pauper is spending some of what little money he has on trying to get me to cease and desist.)

I have in fact called McConkey a racist and I do classify his means of earning income begging. He can dress it a nonprofit religious organization, but “4 Winds Christian Athletics” is nothing more than an excuse for McConkey to sit around waiting for other people to send him grocery and rent money. A great way to raise a family (he and his wife three adult children). I didn’t say he was “a mental patient,” but I don’t think my opinion that he qualifies for a small arsenal of psychiatric disorders is especially controversial. As I pointed out before, I never said he falsified his degree; I just said I was skeptical that someone as dumb as he is now ever could have possessed the minimal brains required to complete the programs he undertook. And as easy as it is to picture him swishing around the house in lingerie or a dress — perhaps even in high heels if his failing coordination permits such sashaying and choreographic eclat — and thumbing with no small amount of agony through Chippendales calendars in the bathroom, I never said McConkey was a closet homosexual or a cross-dresser (and wouldn’t care if he was, apart from the obvious hypocrisy). A lot of people have proposed this and I can see their point, but the accusation is false.

I actually pointed these things out to him a few weeks ago, but he deleted them from “Steve Prophecy Report,” which had a different name and URL then:

I’ve quit wondering why no one in McConkey’s orbit manages to stop him from lying in his “worldwide news releases” or humiliating himself by writing in the third person about how he called the for Chrissakes FBI because someone said that Evangelicals are a stain on society and should go extinct. It’s obvious that there is no one remotely sane enough around him to offer sound counsel. His wife is a fount of some of the most plainly false conspiracies out there (she had something on her Facebook page recently about NASA squashing evidence from the 1970s about the Bible being true) and it’s not as if  has, or has ever had, coworkers to bounce ideas off. In other words, no one who cares about people cares about Mr. McConkey. He’s a sick-minded shut-in with a curious axe to grind against gays owing to a single passage in the Book of Leviticus. McConkey is a liar, slothful in the extreme, angry, prideful, and clearly envious of others (if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t repeatedly lie about his impact on the world, although those exaggerations may be more the result of mental illness than purposeful dishonesty, and he wouldn’t be so sensitive about photos of his own face he judges to be unflattering).

McConkey probably won’t stop either. After all, while I do have other things to attend to in life, he has literally no other role in life except to be as much of an asshole as he can. I’m far from the first to point this out and I won’t be the last. He’s been the subject of derision and scorn from everyone ranging from atheists to moderate Christians. He was born with bad wiring and subjected to worse influences. And he’s been fighting what he knows is a losing battle for his entire adult life; during that time, gay rights have leaped forward and conservative Christianity is sharply declining. He seems to like not so much standing up for losing and lost causes as being one himself.

I have wondered why people like him are so obsessed with dying. McConkey freaks out at any mention of the undeniable fact that he’s closer to death’s door with every passing moment. Why would this trouble an ostensibly heaven-bound Christian?

Two obvious explanations:

1) he doesn’t really believe in Heaven;
2) he believes in it, but he knows his behavior is disqualifying.

McConkey is well aware that he is a liar, but I don’t think he actually believes in Hell. He might be a little worried, not just because of his lying but because of other impulses he likely harbors that he cannot purge himself of.

But all in all, this, right here, from his 4 Winds “ministry” page, is all you need to know.

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