Let’s start with the illiterate woodchucks

I think that catastrophic levels of psychological projection must be catching.

As I mentioned recently, when Kim Duclos decided to try to help a certain gay-hating Evangelical in his battle to keep me from criticizing the maniacal bullshit he continually flings into cyberspace, it quickly occurred to her to tip off another of my haters, the Granite Grok consortium of perpetually livid right-wingers in New Hampshire, to what was afoot.

It seems like none of these three parties is capable of expressing satisfaction about anyone or anything without their words being a painfully obvious indictment of their own shortcomings.

I have a history with Ed Naile. I don’t blame him for not liking me. He is a muckraker extraordinaire and utterly dishonest in how he conducts himself, and I’ve offered my insights about him a couple of times on this blog. I understand why this has upset him, and why he was quick to seize on the me-vs.-gay-bashing-Evangelical situation when Kim reached out to him. It’s not like him to be remotely concerned with accuracy, so the other day he decided to just fire off a bunch of disjointed words from his addled little forebrain.

In 1995, Ed Naile — who in this post claims that I have “no job, no meaningful employment, currently, no couch to surf on) but some spare time to write some sort of blog” — forfeited his business, called Naile Tree Service. A business forfeiture occurs when a company “fail(s) to file its franchise tax return or to pay the tax due thereunder,” at least in Texas and presumably nationwide. I suppose it’s possible that Naile Tree Service simply tanked and Ed forfeited the name. Either way, he’s not someone a sane person would approach for advice about how to operate a small business.


It is therefore a little strange that Ed — who evidently never started another business or worked for one in the 23 years since Naile Tree Service was dissolved — now heads up an organization called The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. NH has no state income tax, and the group’s focus is keeping it that way. On its “About” page, the CNHT site carries the statement, “CNHT is famous for being proprietors of the original no-broadbased tax pledge that is taken by many candidates for state office and elected legislators.”

It’s an absolute laugh that someone who himself appears to have lost a business for failing to pay or file taxes would not only join such a group, but serve as its chairperson.

But that’s Ed Naile for you. He’s also a Tea Party loon who is, or at least used to be, a registered Democrat solely for the purpose of throwing a “fuck you” into the party’s face as he continues his relentless and perfectly asinine quest to establish rampant voter fraud among Dems in NH and elsewhere. If you asked him to have a public discussion with Democrats or others who aren’t part of his demented echo chamber, he’d surely back down, or he’d be too busy trudging around filing frivolous lawsuits to be available.

Anyway, Ed goes on to say: “In Kevin Beck’s wildest sober fantasies, he has ‘work, friends, volunteering, etc.’ That is a laugh.”

In fact, I participate capably in all of these. I suspect that Kim, despite being mentally ill to a visibly worsening extent all the time, is well aware of this (she doesn’t know where I volunteer, but maybe I should clue her in so she can try her usual desperate-harpy nonsense and try to get me ousted) but the reality of anyone else’s prosperity is like kryptonite to Kim. She needs to believe everyone she’s ever alienated to be struggling or else it actually hurts her, so ramshackle are her life and her mind. She’s just that shitty of a person. So I have little doubt that she told Ed — who has no idea that Kim  is not connected to the Boulder community or, for that matter to any community — that I’m lying drunk in some local ditch or another.

Anyway, Ed, gaily continuing to punch himself in the crotch, adds: “Hey Kevin, listen to your mum for once. Jogging doesn’t pay!”

My mom, of course, never offered any such opinion. But let’s look at this. Running hasn’t made me wealthy, nor did I ever intend for it to. It’s not my primary source of income. But over the years, I’ve managed to crank out a great many articles and a couple of books, win a little prize money here and there, and be paid for my coaching services. (Of course, if all of my coaching clients had been utter deadbeats like Kim, I never would have made a dime.)

Ed has transferred his lumberjack skills into taking part in chainsaw contests and nothing more. Does appearing in Granite State Lumberjack Shows pay? I hope so, because he doesn’t seem to have any other means of making money in his area of specialty. I have no doubt he’s made some money under the table since his business got the, uh, ax, lke any member in good standing of a taxpayer organization should.

Ed continues: “I will attempt to serve a public duty to America at large and out this internet nut as he goes on petty, imaginary vendettas, basted with your typical Beckish semi-sober rants and ever-present poopy talk.”

Yes, Ed, keep up the good fight against those unemployed lying nutjobs who have “some spare time to write some sort of blog.” And take a look at that squint-eyed face in a fucking mirror while you’re at it.

It’s also funny that this gang of imbeciles and societal dregs, of all people, are touting me as an example of moral turpitude as a result of all of the stupid shit I did when I was drinking. A lot of that was indeed reprehensible, even  pathetic at times. But I don’t think that people who at this very moment are willfully living lives characterized by flagrantly maladaptive, lowbrow, dishonest, and flat-out fucked-up behavior — and in Kim’s case, sloppy drunkenness — are in an ideal position to judge.

The very best moments of Granite Grok would be an absolutely embarrassment to anyone with a conscience. This one got a lot of attention locally at the time, as such things go, and even garenered some national-level notice. I had already been mixing it up with these clowns and wrote about it myself, as did others. Doug Lambert must have found this especially humiliating because he was too damn stupid to at least turn off the webcam before attempting his “gay dance.”

Yet within a year of that, Skip, who as I pointed out is a self-described Evangelical, had gotten himself in trouble thanks to an inability to contain himself. And Skip Murphy is absolutely not sorry for making the joke that he did; he he has the ethics of a hyena on meth, without any of the crude savvy. Nah, he just didn’t want to be too much of a pariah among other N.H. conservatives, even though he openly detests virtually all of them and conversely. (Regarding Skip’s mini-bio: What is it with obviously blunt-minded right-wingers who insist that they were about to become doctors until something intervened and they “chose” a different path?)

This sums up the Groksters perfectly, I think.


I do love part about Skip or his ragtag band of Haldol-deficient commenters outwitting anyone or anything. That almost has to be a joke. Skip knows damned well that he’s a pussy who only converses with people within the confines his own blog so he can ban them when he’s being handed his ass in arguments. He has a long history of this classic right-wing tactic. As a corollary, he actually appears to believe that liberals whom he bans are upset by this, as if open discussion with aggressively stupid conservatives, liars, and fake Christians is some  sort of useful privilege.

That aside, note that Skip eagerly buys into the idea that being mocked on the Internet is a stalking-style offense worthy calling the FBI; yet in his Twitter self-description, Skip refers to himself as an online stalker. The fact that Skip Murphy is too fucking dumb and depraved to have any meaningful impact on politics or anything else isn’t the point. It’s that he is a hack, a hypocrite, and deluded, as one would have to be after blogging for over a dozen years and regarding yourself a force in New Hampshire politics even when other Republicans clearly want nothing to do with you.

Once the weekend is over I’ll decide whether it’s worth trotting out all of the shit from Kim and my Hangouts chats from five years ago, stuff so awful and wrong I almost swore I’d never make it public no matter how much she tried to piss me off. Well, she’s tried sufficiently hard, and I’m not feeling merciful after her recent spate of activity.

(By the way, I recognize that projection isn’t catching. It’s just something that pissed-off idiots evince to a startling degree by their very nature.)