What emboldens a lunatic like Kim Duclos? More lunacy

On June 6, Kim Duclos posted this on her Facebook Timeline for a short spell. It’s the text of an e-mail she was boasting about sending to USATF-New England the previous day.

It has come to my attention that an article exists using my name and image in relation to Kevin Beck. I have never had any connection to Beck, other than rejecting his coaching in both 2009 and 2014. He has since sought revenge on me via websites and social media. I was not aware that I received any awards from USATFNE and do not wish to be associated with any awards.

Click to access 09dec.pdf

The article contains various inaccuracies. I never provided this interview. I do not have a degree in graphic design. My undergrad is in Comm/IT with CS classes at WPI. I did run in college for one season for WPI, qualifying for nationals. An ex-girlfriend, by the name of C______, who I was at one time acquainted with, gave this interview. It was done via a phone conversation, using a Massachusetts phone line that she had at the time while living there with her parents. She has since apologized.

With recent publications associating Kevin Beck with women beating, animal abuse, and theft, I want to make it clear that I have no connection to this clearly ill person. If the article is not removed voluntarily, I will ask for the assistance from my lawyer.

Criminal records and articles of Kevin Beck’s abuse can be provided upon request.

Thank you,

Kim Duclos

This is one of the many stories Kim has told that is simply so insane on its face, with so many obvious lies, that it’s difficult to pick which of them to debunk first. It’s like trying to decide what part of the Genesis account of creation is the most anti-scientific.

First, a quick review: Kim has recently become emboldened by the actions of a fellow whack job I’ve been battling. This has led her to again make public her Twitter and Instagram accounts; these feature the irregular bland expulsions of a feeble, unkempt mind and a worse photographer and cook, and literally no one who likes Kim looks at either account, which follows from the fact that no one alive — with the not-certain exception of her live-in caregiver — who knows Kim likes her. More pertinently, it has led her to believe that her delusion-fueled grudges against me have merit, and, absent a job or any real purpose for drawing breath, she’s frantically reached out to various people and entities hoping this will somehow produce Kim’s version of a positive outcome: increasing someone else’s misery.

In the first paragraph, Kim claims that she just now learned of the existence of this. Suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that the central assertion of her e-mail — that she never gave an interview to a USATF-NE representative after the 2009 Rocket City Marathon and that someone imitating her did — is true or even plausible. This would make these tweets from Kim, dated April 19, 2017, inexplicable:

If you follow that link, you see a JPEG I created contrasting a Kim Duclos Facebook post from Feb. 14,  2016 (just under two weeks before I first posted the “Response to Public Harassment by Kim Duclos” page), in which she claimed that all I did was steal her training ideas, with what she told the interviewer after the 2009 Rocket City Marathon. (Hint: She was more truthful in 2009 than she was in 2016 or is at the moment.) Also, as much as she might want to, Kim can’t make every piece of online evidence of that interview or her award disappear.

The “I do not have a degree in graphics design” is true, but I highly doubt that the mistake was the USATF interviewer’s, because lying about her academic history has long been one of Kim’s most treasured pastimes.

The resume on the left is from kimduclos.com, a domain that Kim used to own but let lapse and was purchased by another Kim Duclos (ironically, an actual graphic designer). The one on the right is from LinkedIn. And this doesn’t even include the whole year-plus period from Nov. 2016 to early this year that Kim feigned having a job at Boulder County Communications before someone with knowledge of the situation told an HR person at that company that a lunatic was running around claiming to work there; a few days later, the claim magically disappeared from Kim’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. I’ve summarized more of these lies here and elsewhere. Yeah, I know it’s sad that I’ve amassed all of this. But this shitbag has been doing this and worse for a long time, and she only unravels more and more as her mind further gives way thanks to alcohol, relationship dissatisfaction and general despair (and more alcohol), a lack of regular activity, and the progression of whatever organic mental problems are fueling all of this.

Kim did run for one season at WPI, or at least in one meet, in what would have been her junior year, before she abandoned her pursuit of an engineering degree and transferred to a state school across town. But she certainly didn’t run at D-III Nationals that fall. And for whatever reason, she told Dave Norman of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette in  April 2008 that she didn’t run for a college team at all.

The part about my friend “C,” whom I just visited in May in the course of a six-week trip that included to New Hampshire in back, is the most deranged part of this, and it’s the main reason I’m disappointed that the people at the other end of this message took any of it seriously. I was the one who introduced Kim and “C,” and that didn’t’ happen until at least May or June of 2010. “C” was preparing to move to the Midwest to be closer to her family, and Kim was excited to tag along so that she could better stalk the guy she was involved in an imaginary romance with. At the time, “C,” a former collegiate runner herself who’s about Kim’s age, was looking to get back into serious training, so I arranged for Kim to be her coach and accept payment from “C” even though Kim wasn’t even paying me at the time.

Not only did “C” not apologize for her nonexistent transgression, at the moment she’s not especially happy to learn that Kim has accused her of committing fraud. That’s what makes the threat to USATF-NE about a lawyer especially ludicrous. Kim would never in a zillion years try to pursue this black fantasy to a courtroom, so thoroughly and decisively would she and her bullshit story be shellacked. She might even wind up in jail.

If it’s not clear to you why I think this woman is a worthless piece of shit yet, even if you know only the rudiments of the rest of the story, then I really can’t help you.

The “recent publications associating Kevin Beck with women beating, animal abuse, and theft” is a page on Steve McConkey’s sad excuse for a website, one filled with almost as many laughable lies as a random selection from Kim Duclos’ e-mail outbox. I’m going to explore that shit soon because it’s time to set the record str…hey! Now I know where that expression comes from. Anyway, my drunken misdeeds in Boulder and the non-theft of a fer Chrissakes deli sandwich are pretty small-time in comparison to someone who admits she went to work drunk, almost certainly driving there (and was fired for it), someone who has lied like nobody’s business about her academic and job history, someone who was drawing unemployment from Massachusetts while dabbling in temp jobs in Indiana that she never bothered reporting to the Bay State looky-loos, someone who asked me to lie to a headhunter about her work credentials, someone who lied to the police (a crime), someone who lied on a restraining-order petition (a crime).

Reading the mind of crazy fuckers is dirty work, but I don’t think Kim really intends to convince anyone I never coached her. There is simply too much evidence of this everywhere. (She didn’t name me in the Lowell Sun article, but I’d love to see what sort of bullshit she’d offer as an alternative.

And let me guess — this image, from a Google Hangouts chat from July 2, 2013 that I saved, is doctored.

No, Kim Duclos just wants to spread the idea that I’m a degenerate and nail down what she imagines to be a spiritual victory by having the USATF-NE page mentioning the two of us taken down. Also, I believe that a lot of Kim’s motivation in this is wanting to completely disassociate herself from the fact that she was ever a serious runner at all, because she’s finally admitted that the one thing in her life that she enjoyed and was decent at is gone for good. Classic sour grapes.

A series of formidable barriers stands between the Kim of today and a post-apocalyptic future Kim who has managed to cease this sort of behavior. One, she needs to quit drinking. Not only does she drink immoderately when she indulges at all, but like most fundamentally unhappy and unstable people, she becomes a far worse human being when under the influence (and her baseline personality isn’t exactly impressive). Two and three, she needs to agree to be on powerful drugs (that’s “2”) — meds that may well have not have even been invented yet (that’s “3”). Four, she needs external support above and beyond the basic shelter her caregiver/partner Sean is affording her now, including, at a bare minimum, a therapist. Assuming what she told me about her caregiver in 2013, she in effect exchanges bizarre sexual favors and sex rituals most would call depraved for a place to stay. If her account is true, I would say that as shitty a person though she is,  she deserves better than the sort of humiliations she’s described.

None of this is complicated. Kim is acutely aware that she’s too screwed up to ever enjoy the sort of happiness that results from achieving, or at least striving for, something decent, so she needs to try to bring down the world to her hideous level. She was handed snake eyes in every roll of the genetic dice other than her running ability, which she has busily squandered at the altar of booze.

The obvious irony is that I wish Kim Duclos had never asked me to coach her in the first place.  I don’t take credit for the successes runners I work with enjoy other than allowing that I’ve donated my time and tried to be alert. Kim qualified for the Olympic Trials, but she never made it there because she’s too fucked up. I’ve coached two different athletes who have run in the Olympic Games. I was never interested in trying to build an online-coaching empire, and even if I had been and was looking to do this on the strength of a few “name runners,” Kim’s name would not have been one of them. She was known around New England as a very good local-caliber road racer who’s described as having been anything from an oddball to antisocial, inasmuch as people remember her at all these days. The idea that I ever wanted a non-paying headache of a client who was too fucking lazy to create her own running resume or send training reports, and who sent me endless nutty streams of correspondence about her guy-problems, is something only Kim herself could dream up, because Kim is the only human being I know who actually regards raw screaming dysfunction as a source of joy and inspiration.

Until she knocks this off, I’m going to keep dumping increasingly jarring screen shots of our past conversations on this blog, maybe once a week. Kim is never going to work and at some level therefore doesn’t care what the Internet has to say about her, but she’s not immune to shame and misery. I’m fucking tired of this, and I don’t care what’s at the root of it. It needs to stop, and I will use the various additional levers now at my disposal to bring this about.

I haven’t made a hollow promise about Kim yet, and I haven’t lied about a single thing concerning her behavior. She thinks she can’t stand Boulder? I’ll make sure she wants nothing more at every waking moment than to get the hell out of here, and I’ll use only something completely unfamiliar to her to achieve this outcome: the truth, and more of it than she cares to imagine. If she thinks that Sean is going to keep a rotten old hag around forever just because his own disarray apparently keeps him from believing he can do better, I’ll make sure he knows he can do a lot better.

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