Steve McConkey goes full douchebag

As unlikely as it seems, Steve McConkey‘s antics are worse than ever. He posted this on his Facebook page this morning (I’ve included his followers’ comments as of 2:30 MDT to again establish the level of reckless ignorance and stupidity it takes to respond to anything this asshole says with anything besides derision and sad guffawing).

People like Steve are why the government needs to be more stringent about granting nonprofit status to “religious” “organizations” that are nothing more than ways for ersatz Christians like Steve, whose days are evidently consumed by unwanted fantasies about nude, well-oiled young men, to not only lobby for handouts from fellow morons, but avoid paying taxes on whatever handouts they receive.

Steve is in his sixties and has never worked in his life. For decades, he and his equally daft wife have operated a “ministry” that is nothing more than an effort by a couple of addled conspiracy addicts to try to exclude gay and transgender people from sports (and from society as a whole, for that matter).

As if that’s not bad enough, you can see here how “Christian” his views on homeless people are. This is from a guy who, were it not for his begging and the apparent support of his adult children, would plainly be on the streets himself. The part about people being on the streets because they haven’t prayed hard enough to ditch their substance-abuse problems is especially rich. Just ask for help from God and POOF! You wind up with a place to stay.

Many of the Christian churches throughout Boulder and throughout the country — most notably the Catholic ones, but plenty of others too –are staffed by volunteers who donate time and effort to providing meals and other items to street people. (The LDS is a notable exception; Mormonism as a sect doesn’t do fuck-all for anyone besides its own members.) A lot of nonbelievers do the same. While not everyone who claims to be a Christian is obligated to do anything charitable, you would think that at an absolute minimum, someone who continually blathers about the Bible at least wouldn’t publicly grouse about homeless people having access to electricity. (As you can see, his followers are accordingly brain-dead as well. No, dipshits, the outlets weren’t installed *for* homeless people to use; such things as public functions and utility workers exist.)

Or, up your game a little bit and at least get a fucking job and support yourself before you start railing about not only the evils of faggotry but the amenities homeless people are getting.

Here’s a very reasonable set of responses to Steve’s nonsense by my mom (Steve doesn’t know it, but a heartening number of people who detest his garbage read his Facebook page now thanks to my spreading the railing about him). He deleted the comments within moments of her posting them, which was as predictable as sunshine in Phoenix; Steve McConkey,  like most immoral, dishonest, mentally disturbed pseudo-Christians, is an utter fucking coward.


Luckily, ol’ Steve’s days are numbered, and Evangelicals as a group are literally dying off in the U.S. For all of younger people’s supposed deficiencies. they’re jumping ship from conservative Christianity at an impressive rate, and oblivious hypocrites like this bozo are surely a major reason for this heartening trend.

I’d love to know who or what has paid for all of the eye surgeries Steve’s wife has had, given that neither one of them has employer-provided health insurance by definition. (I can sympathize with eye issues; I had surgery on my right eye twice when I was a kid, and a strabismus cost me a lucrative Army scholarship.)

I think it’s a fair question, given the fact that Steve is a beggar by inclination (there is no other term for it, even if he balks at it) and, as an admitted drunk and drug user himself, has now decided to malign homeless people. I think it’s a safe bet that Liz McConkey is on Medicaid. That, or the McConkeys are up to their godly eyeballs in medical bills. There is no shame in that — unless, of course, you’re a stupid fuck like Steve who in inclined to rail about the evils of socialism and liberals.

In all seriousness, I don’t even know why Steve gave up booze and drugs. He’s one of those rare individuals who manages to become even more of a societal liability when he gets sober. If given the Sophie’s choice between going back to the bottle myself or being straight but as much of a nonproductive piece of shit as Steve, I would do my best to find a third option because neither life would be worth living.