13,850 to 0, 0 for 186, and Kim Duclos’ moral and mental deterioration progresses

Kim Duclos has been busy in the one place she continues to feel somewhat welcome: a Reddit forum for people with pernicious drinking problems they have no interest in addressing. That she feels comfortable in such a place is hardly extraordinary given the defining elements of her life these days. The telling aspect is that, even when surrounded exclusively by hammered depressives, she can’t avoid fighting with people, and she can’t be remotely honest even when she knows I and others are watching her antics.

Here’s the synopsis: Between November 2017 and January of this year, using three different Reddit accounts, Kim variously claimed to be an IT professional planning to return to school, a homeless Hungry Buffs driver, and a lawyer.

Having apparently not yet satisfied her appetite for self-degradation, she was back at it in March. This time, under the appropriate handle “Literal_Crap_bag,” she has claimed to be a condo-developer-turned-laborer, a single mom, and a drunk. Only one of these claims is true, and no one gets a prize for “guessing” which one that is.

How is it clear that this is Kim?  Well, first there was this, in the Boulder subreddit in late March. It concerns an imaginary incident in the parking lot of a local liquor store.

If you know this turd as well as I do, both her style and her fixations, it’s immediately obvious this post is from her. But if you need a clincher, here’s a post from the Construction subreddit from late April:

This one disappeared on its own in short order, but the one about Hazel’s stayed up until I replied to it.

The whole time she’s been doing this, she’s been aware of my spying. I mean, I haven’t exactly been recondite. Here’s part of an exchange in a thread troublingly titled, “Sometimes I feel like I just want to drink myself to death“:


So with the table set, I am just going to present the comments that she’s posted since then without analyzing them. You can find the relevant threads by looking at Literal_Crap_Bag’s profile. She has only started one thread of her own, and as with virtually everything she’s ever posted online, it’s an utter inversion of reality — her drinking has of course caused nothing but drama in her life, although she’s sufficiently deranged so that she’s fully capable of fucking things up without the EtOH.

Read from bottom to top (as if chronological order really matters with a bullshit litany like this).

Oh, the “13,850 to 0” and “0 for 186” refer to data I’ve extracted from certain social media profiles. I will get into that some other time, maybe.