Kim Duclos, category 5 human cyclone, hankers for more “care and loving” toward people

(This post has been updated multiple times.)

One of my Boulder friends who’s become familiar with my dealings with Kim Duclos through following my writings and listening to my on-the-run stories was checking out the Boulder subreddit and happened across some comments that triggered his suspicion. He sent me a couple of screen shots and asked, “Don’t you think this sounds like Kim?”

I didn’t even have to look closely.  At some point in the not-too-distant past, Kim had “I code to yacht rock” in her Facebook introduction, and when I scanned the account’s comments page, I saw that one comment actually provides Kim’s former address in Worcester. Reading further, I quickly discovered exactly what I knew I would: a bunch of drivel in a subreddit for people who are victims of others’ behavior (yes, really) about how an unnamed drunken homeless schizophrenic pill-popping physically abusive liquor-store-robbing narcissist with bipolar disorder on welfare and food stamps (and yes she really said all of those things) was holding her back in life.



“Facts are your defense.” She has this part right, but she’s never in possession of actual facts.



Not that I need to say this, but I haven’t sent Kim any messages since I ended our coaching arrangement over four and a half years ago, and that was a formality since she was drinking, wasn’t training, and wasn’t paying me.

This is at least the sixth Reddit account Kim has created in just the past eight or so months that she’s used to jabber about me. The others are, let’s see, i_climb_rocks_a_lot, HungryBuffsDriver, Legal_Throwaway34, Literal_Crap_Bag (which she’s been using in parallel with iCodeToYachtRock), and Kitty_BunBuns_. She also used duclok2 for a while to lie about her academic history and aspirations.

The most jarring claim in her basket of lies is the one about how I was sexually interested in her and she rebuffed me several times. That’s not only extremely gross for obvious reasons, it’s also disturbing to know that the idea of the two of us being involved is clearly on her mind a lot. I never got the idea from her that she was interested in me in a “romantic” way (I use quotes because Kim is not capable of enjoying relationships that conform to any meaningful definition of romance), but we also spent virtually no time in the same room. Even today, outside of the time I had to sit in court with her crazy ass for a few hours after she lied to the police and on a restraining-order affidavit, I’ve only run into her in real life about four times, and only once since 2010. So who knows what she thinks. But the notion that she hopes to separate me from my exes or girlfriends, whom she calls “victims,” is troubling.

It is also funny that she claims to go months without looking at my accounts, yet somehow knows that my “social media is now everything loving dogs.”

She is a flamboyant and obvious liar, and she really can’t see that no one possessing a smidgen of discernment would believe her stories. The insane jibber-jabber she continually ejaculates only renders the few accurate things she says (usually by accident) almost as unbelievable. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley actually does conduct background checks on volunteers, but Kim wouldn’t know this because she’s lying about ever having applied. And the idea that I’m living on the streets wasted, yet somehow able to charm people on social media, is pure Kim; it reflects her own life of being wasted all the time and lying her ass off on social media.

This bit, back in the Boulder subreddit, really underscores the point:



Yeah, an apartment complex would be OK renting to a felon convicted of armed robbery, but the domestic violence on top of that would put the kibosh on the deal.

She writes, “I don’t use his past as a form of revenge. I would just use it privately in  situations such as that mentioned about.” This is true. Instead she uses lies about my past and present as a form of revenge for things I never did to her in the first place, and does this in public forums.

The depressing thing is that she’s been lying for long enough about all of this to appear convinced of the veracity of the core of it. Despite being routinely presented with the literally graphic evidence of her own lies (which is half the reason I write about her online),  she’s not dissuaded. This again comes back to the fact that while she is a shitbag of a human being, she’s also off her rocker, sometimes more than at other times. Whatever the balance of that mess is, it’s not going to go away because her useless boyfriend/caregiver isn’t interested in putting a dent in it as long as he can still enjoy some seriously kinky stuff with her (stuff she shared with me that I wont’t detail here). So this lunacy is just going to keep on keeping on, and I’ll keep finding ways to frame it as more funny than upsetting.

Update 1, July 20, 5:30 p.m.: Within the past hour, Kim has returned to her usual deranged nattering about carrying on some secret, meaningful life other than her actual one, which consists of being carted around to concerts and amusement parks between feedings and alcohol-soakings. This laughable claim to be employed is right up there with the fairy tales she was writing last summer about winning prize money at road races under fake names. She obviously doesn’t think at all before she rattles these tall tales off, because even though she is not very bright, she would at least be able to see that it’s not internally consistent in the least. “My lawyer just contacts anybody who might have to deal with stalker crap”? English much, Kim?

ICtRY legal advice

If she doesn’t want me “stalking” her, she should quit writing malicious lies about me and my friends. Simple as that. The fact that she doesn’t have a single person on this Earth who gives a stinking shit about her other than her caregiver/beau is her own goddamned fault.

Update 2, July 21, 7:40 p.m.: Kim, not surprisingly, deleted the above screed late last night or this morning. Also not surprisingly, she has replaced it with something equally stupid.


It’s true that it’s not possible to contact Kim’s friends or employer or say where she’s in school, for the same reason it’s not possible to contact unicorns or dragons or specify which NFL team I’ll be playing for this fall. It continues to amaze me that she persists with this bullshit while knowing that everyone she’s targeting with these details is laughing at her. This is someone who claimed last year to be winning money at road races under a fake name. This is someone who wrote on Twitter she had flown to a different part of the U.S. for a race and then was drunk and stupid enough to post a video of herself at a bar in Boulder that same night. This is someone who claimed for over a year to be employed at a Boulder business even though 1) this was absurd on its face, because Kim can’t do the sort of work this job would have required, and 2) she kept saying it was “in the canyon” (west of downtown) even though the business is actually in East Boulder. She also described doing things on the job that had nothing to do with this position. Finally one day for the fuck of it I contacted the business and let them know a flagrant lunatic had been claiming on a LinkedIn resume for at least a year to be employed by their small operation. They were not happy, and within a couple of days, no more LinkedIn resume. 

All of that lovely stuff about having a social life is what she desperately wishes she could enjoy, but she can’t, because every characteristic she attributes to me is actually one of her own defining traits: intoxicated, mood-disordered, and literally delusional at times.

Elsewhere on Reddit, Kim, in addition to rambling about her favorite liquor stores, is also jabbering on like a colleague to people who actually know or are legitimately studying computer science. Kim claimed in 2014 that she had enrolled at C.U. and would be completing a C.S. degree by the spring of 2018. Guess what? That time has come and gone, and she admitted last year on Reddit under a different username that she had “tried” a class at Front Range C.C. That’s it. Her pretending to have intentionally posted incorrect details about her plans to throw people like me off is a howl, given that she had no idea any of us were even looking at Reddit the whole time she was doing it. She was busted, she’s angry about it, and instead of giving up and accepting reality she’s doubling down on the lies.

You see, Kim is never going to be a computer programmer. Even without the boozing, she’d still have flagrant, uncontrolled mental problems. Even if some miracle drug was invented that could help her and she was actually compliant in taking it, all that would remain would be a relatively stable mind ill-equipped to handle the demands of higher-level math and logical frameworks in general. And she’s lazy anyway. As long as she has a caregiver/boyfriend willing to fund her life in exchange for whatever unmentionable favors she performs in return, that’s how she will exist, It’s a finite scheme — Sean won’t tolerate that mess forever — but for the time being it suits her purposes nicely, so there’s that. In that limited sense, she’s “winning” at life. Unlike most of us, who really do work and pay rent and behave somewhat responsibly, Kim receives booze money and sleeping quarters in exchange for cooking up revolting food and doing…other stuff. She might as well just admit this flat out instead of tacitly, because it’s the only way she’s going to have a place to stay.


6 thoughts on “Kim Duclos, category 5 human cyclone, hankers for more “care and loving” toward people”

  1. She never volunteered or was going to volunteer at the animal shelter and still gives people the wrong idea about how the whole process works, which I’m sure the staff wouldn’t be happy to know.

    I can’t imaging living life just lying at every turn. I assume this can only come from some kind of deep emotional distress. The thing is, though, it gets really fucking old to constantly read all the shitty things she has to say about you, everyone in Boulder, me and others in the eating disorder recovery community, and my mom.

  2. She’s pathetic in the extreme. It’s right in character for Kim — a jobless incompetent slobbering moron who’s not in school and has no discernible purpose in life other than drinking, binging on burritos, and fucking around online all day — to start doling out advice to Redditors.

    I see she’s heading to Burning Man next month. Sounds like a great place for a mentally unstable moron with a serious alcohol problem to wash up. Maybe she’ll manage to immolate herself in a bonfire while she’s there. I don’t even pretend to feel sorry for her anymore. She’s never apologized to any of the countless people she’s shit on, lied about, and stolen from, and even if she did it would be insincere. She probably won’t make it to 40 the way she’s going, and then Sean will have to get an actual fuck-toy instead of a de facto, technically human one.

  3. The more a look at what was obviously a response to this post, the more it’s clear that it could serve as the basis for a whole separate post if I cared to explore it further. I know she’s fucking crazy, but she has to understand that I know all of that stuff about working is bullshit. Even if she had minimal qualifications for meaningful employment, she’s too fucked up to work anyway. She knows that I know she’s also “Literal_Crap_Bag” and drinking up a storm. She talks about flying home too see her parents even though she admitted under that same handle that she has no contact with her mother. She can’t really expect anyone to believe that she sneaks back to Worcester periodically without proudly taking pictures of that awful fucking place.

    The bottom line is that she didn’t expect me to find out about that Reddit account. And had it not been for an eagle-eyed confederate, I wouldn’t have. But her style fingerprints are always all over her verbal diarrhea. There is literally no one else on the Internet who spits out the demented shit she does, in the voice that she uses, focusing on the same group of topics.

    “I’m out of your league” — that’s true, I am not into bestiality.

    It’s funny in a way, but she’s such a filthy excuse for a human being that it’s mostly just pathetic beyond measure.

  4. Well, I always wondered if she had a thing for you given her hatred toward your girlfriends and ex-girlfriends, that and the fact that right from the start, she tried to cause conflict between you, me, and your ex. It would explain a lot if she was or maybe still is. The more she does this kind of bizarre fantasy posting, though, the more it looks like some kind of mental illness. Maybe I’ve just been listening to too many true crime podcasts, though. Anyway, I hope she gets the help she needs. It’s fucking weird.

  5. What she should do is apologize to the woman back in Mass. who was her de facto mentor and kind enough to shelter her and her then-BF for a couple of weeks in a time of need; to the other runner in Mass. she envies and savages for no reason other than her association with me; the woman in Indiana she dicked over; and most of all, you. I am not big on extracting apologies myself, and I certainly don’t expect or want one from Kim now after I’ve hit back with considerable force. But if she actually carried out a legitimate amends campaign, I would think trivially more of her. However, that’s no more likely than her getting that Ph.D. in comp sci or anything else.

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