Steve McConkey’s funniest lies; also, introducing McConkoids

mcconkhead1Steve McConkey, hapless founder of the 4 Winds begging outlet masquerading as a ministry (not that genuine ministries are worth dick-all anyway), can claim to be a Christian, a propagator of “biblical principles,” a widely persecuted (yet little-known) figure on the fringes of the track world, an envoy of God sent to snuff out the gay, a thorn in the IOC’s side, whatever. He may be, or at some point have been, each of those things to some small degree.

But undeniably, his greatest trait is his inability to tell the truth, or, framed differently, his insatiable appetite for lying. And the more he’s called out for this behavior, the more eagerly he engages in it. It’s almost as if he either doesn’t really believe in God or is actively campaigning to be furiously buttfucked in hell in a few years.

Steve periodically bumps and sometimes slightly alters this post on his 4 Winds “ministry” page. Every time he does, I remind him that it’s not going to stop me from monitoring and describing his lies, homophobic bullshit, and overall inadequacy and deformation as a human primate. I keep telling him that it’s obvious that I don’t care what he says to his addled audience of fellow halfwits, loons, and Trump-fellating shitballs, because I freely link to the things he posts. But he has a temper, and like the overgrown, elderly Bozo-the-Clown-haired child he is, he can’t control it. So he does the one thing he believes is empowering and doubles down on “exposing” my increasingly ancient boozing misadventures while whining about being persecuted.


As I’ve posted multiple times, I never called any radio stations trying to get interviews with Steve canceled. The claim is idiotic on its face; why would any Christian outlet that was at all interested in talking to an asshole like Steve listen to me in the first place?

I also never said that Steve is a closet homosexual (though it wouldn’t surprise me — that dent in his face that he says stems from a childhood injury is more likely the result of being stabbed in the cheek by a stray erection during his “experimental” phase in the 1970s) or a cross-dresser. I didn’t say he falsified his degree. I called him a liar because that’s exactly what he is and it’s fair to call him a racist based solely on his comments about Colin Kaepernick (though there are other hints). And he is just as much a beggar as anyone who stands on a street corner with a cardboard sign and an outstretched hand, as is anyone who accepts donations in the name of a nonexistent, perverse sky-daddy.

Now, Steve might try to argue that I made these claims and later erased the evidence (though he hasn’t tried this yet). I haven’t — trying to destroy evidence is a game for shitbags like Steve and this critter — but even if one leaves the “maybe Steve’s not lying” door open, it quickly slams shut for other reasons.

Start with Steve’s contradictory claims about his use of mental-health services. On the left is a Facebook post he made in late April and later deleted; on the right is an excerpt from his “testimony” page on 4 Winds.


“Never been to a psychologist” and “I had met with psychologists” cannot both be true. And this was not a slip-up or a typo, as Steve has lamely tried to say in defense of some of his other lies. This is just Steve churning out intentional falsehoods and leaving a trail like the fool that he is.

Accusing someone of doing something while not supplying evidence is bad and a near-certain sign of a liar, but making mutually and logically incompatible statements is worse and an undeniable evidence of lying. (I won’t get into the hilarity of Steve trying to defend his sanity in the same post he proposes that George Soros is paying me to malign him.)

McConkey also recently claimed, in the course of grossly exaggerating his role in the sports world in general, to have “successfully stopped the Freedom From Religion atheists in many cases.”

Stopped FFRF

I asked the FFRF (McConkey, despite harboring extreme animus toward the organization, still can never remember the “Foundation” part of its name) if they had ever had any dealings with him. Guess what?


Then there was a little episode at the end of May, when Steve claimed on his Facebook page to be employed as an evangelist by USA Track & Field. I reported this to USATF, because of course it was another lie, one  Steve clumsily and hilariously tried to walk back by pretending it was all just a joke, or that it was acceptable because other people do the same thing, or some combination.


Bizarrely, he actually posted the whole exchange between himself and USATF Communications Director Jill Geer, which made him look even more foolish than usual.



Bear in mind that Steve has unfurled all three of these undeniable lies within the past two months. He’s lied about other things along the way, and in fact, as far as I can tell, he can’t make it through more than a day or two without expelling  some sort of falsehood onto his Facebook page.

Concerning his repetitive attempts to curb my posts about him, he appears to have not noticed that, while his initial posts about me on Facebook attracted a modicum of indignation from the disphit brigade, people ignore these now. In fact, he doesn’t even get a lot of “likes.” You can actually kind of sense the unease even his fellow nutters have begun to experience at the repetitiveness of these posts. At a minimum, he’s certainly not fooling anyone about not being motivated chiefly by very secular notions of revenge rather than God.

Also, I have let him in on this secret already, but he’s not getting the message: Every time he renews his posting about me, a handful of few people who read his pages investigate the situation for themselves, given Steve’s conspicuous reluctance to give any evidence of the stalking and harassing I am supposedly perpetrating. They Google both our names, and they find this place. This is not hypothetical; I see the Google search terms leading to this place via my analytics. And although it’s likely that some of these curious folks come away with the impression that I’m a little rude toward Bible-boppers, they certainly discover for themselves who is actually lying. They learn that I might have had my struggles in the past, but they see the irrefutable truth about Steve McConkey’s ongoing sinning, bullshitting, hate-mongering, and general worthlessness even to earnest Christians.

For a while, Steve had a running gag about siccing a lawyer on me (he didn’t mean it as a joke, but it obviously was). This was a non-starter from the outset, given that all I’ve been doing all along is responding to things I’ve seen on public Internet pages. Now he’s just aiming to shame me into shutting up, or something, because of stupid drunken shit I did years ago.

This is from today.


Never mind that I wasn’t actually arrested in the interaction Steve attempts to describe. Focus instead on the “drugs and alcohol can kill a person” part. I have not had a sip of alcohol since the fall of 2016 and never abused drugs. Steve keeps rambling on with this stuff as if I’m a drunken menace in the here and the now, even though he knows otherwise, because he wants the smattering of blinkered Jesus-freaks and plain weirdos who read his page to believe as much. But Steve is the one who is awash in sin. There is nothing in the Bible about going to hell as a result of too much boozing (although I certainly put myself and others through a non-ecclesiastical version of hell), and even if I were still hitting the sauce it wouldn’t matter because I recognize the Bible to be a creation of human beings, not some supernatural fucklord who thinks slavery is peachy but hanging around menstruating women is a no-no. But as Christian, Steve, who allegedly laid off drinking and drugging himself over 40 years ago, should be deeply concerned that he continues to sin each and every day, because he ought to be petrified that when he dies, he won’t have even fully exhaled his final foul breath before he starts to feel the white-hot probing of Satan’s surely colossal phallus against his stinking cornhole. He has nothing to worry about, obviously, since heaven and hell are fictitious places. But if they weren’t,  he’d be well and truly fucked in the afterlife.

The thing is, all of this is only going to get worse for Steve now that I know he exists. He’s apparently been in the habit for a long time of routinely deleting his Facebook and 4 Winds posts so as to cover his tracks and hence his lies. I am not going to allow him this dubious luxury anymore, because I don’t like Trumpists and I don’t like Evangelicals, and the McConkey ape is both. I check out his page about once a day (as do a few of my nominal minions), collect whatever spew I find in the from of screen shots, and put it aside for later. There will now always be a record of what Steve McConkey does, which doesn’t sit well with him because he likes to get away with lying. If he doesn’t like it, he can quit fucking lying. And if he thinks I’m stalking him, he’s free to stop haunting this blog and my Twitter feed.

This thing grew to an absurd length in a short time (ha, ha) so I will leave out the “McConkoids” part for now. But I am going to implement a new feature wherein I criticize samples from Steve’s dumbass commenters along with criticizing Steve himself. If these assholes fail to understand that their words on his pages are public owing to the settings he maintains, that’s tough shit for them.

One last thing. Steve claims to have gotten into it with Bernard Lagat at USATF Nationals over his yammering about Caster Semenya and transgender athletes. Steve now has the distinction of being the only person I have heard of who has managed to tick off the perpetually affable Mr. Lagat (assuming this vignette actually happened).


Steve really would rather be hated than ignored. How very deeply Christian of him to tend too his own ego like that.

(Also, please follow this Twitter account for daily or near-daily updates about Steve’s misconduct and general goofiness.)

EDIT: Steve is just one stupid-ass motherfucker. He’s claiming I lied about his stated psychiatric history, even though I merely quoted him.


Again, his own words:

“Never been to a psychologist”

“I had met with psychologists on campus”

Now he’s trying to say that “never been” is somehow compatible with the admission that he went in 1974. Also, he’s saying in the post above that he visited a single psychologist, yet used the plural “psychologists” in his “testimony” (also see above).

And to top it off, he himself is lying yet again, this time by claiming I’m on mental disability myself. If I gave a rat fuck, I could actually sue him for this, as it’s demonstrably untrue (despite what that bloated twat up the road from me told him) but he doesn’t have a pot to piss in anyway.  He’s just a sad, stupid man with little connection to reality and an utterly pointless life. People like him and Kim are actually airtight arguments against the existence of an intelligent and benevolent god; no capable or upstanding deity would turn out flagrant mistakes like those two malformed, insane spooge-rags.